Botox in a bottle? Facelift without surgery

Regrow my eyebrows and lashes?

No needles, no knives

Just products that can enhance your youthfulness in your skin and body care needs. 

As an esthetician, I am always looking for the best products that can provide results for my face, neck, chest, hands and body. Below are 8 products that I either own and love or are on my list to purchase. I have recommended these to my sister, Ashley who loves them as much as I do. Without further ado. Let’s begin! 

1.) The first on our skin and body care list: SIO Beauty patches: Absolute must. Huge results, great company. A top seller in my spa because they work. Listen to them on Episode 13 A Facelift without Surgery: SIO Beauty Patch Talk with Anthonino Olimpio

I recommend purchasing the full face one and if you need to adjust some of the silicone parts then simply change that piece to conform to the part of your face. Pro tip* Cut up the pieces with clean scissors and use them on the areas you want to target most. You can use these SIO patches on your face – think forehead wrinkles, eye area, chest, neck, inside elbow, hands, etc. In fact, I am going to stop typing right now and put one on my forehead to get rid of those pesky 11s in between my eyebrows. 

  1. The third on our skin and body care product list: The Ordinary Argireline solution 10%: Santa is going to have a big bag coming to my house because here is another one on my Christmas list!  This is known as Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, which is supposed to be a Botox alternative. Called “Botox in a bottle”. Yes, you heard me correctly! “Botox in a bottle!” This solution is formulated to help you with your crow’s feet and fine lines. It’s designed to be a lesser version of Botox, but in a topical form. The verdict is still out on this but hey, I’m giving it a shot! It is also supposed to help you build your collagen. Pro tip * You would have to be consistent and do this 2xs a day. 
  1. The fourth on our skin and body care list: Foot Nanny foot cream: This was developed by Oprah Winfrey’s personal pedicurist! It was also on Oprah’s Favorite thing list for 7 years in a row. Ashley and I both loved this cream. It was super creamy and truly helped turn my dry feet back to softness overnight. Ashley, my sister, even used this cream on her children’s hands who suffer from dry skin and loved it. Gloria L. Williams, the founder of foot nanny, gave us a code for you to receive a discount. 

Code is Lindsey20 for 20% off her entire site!

5.) The fifth on our skin and body care product list is the name of a brand called Hydro peptide. 

Below are a few things I’m loving from Hydropeptide: 

  1. Their Nimini Cream: This is a daily moisturizer which includes Peptides, Antioxidants and Retinol. I appreciate how it goes on so smoothly. Seriously, whenever my sis, Ashley, comes over to my house I have to hide this cream! Ha!
  2. Tinted 30 Solar Defence sunscreen: I love a good tinted moisturizer for the day. I want something that goes on lightly yet covers any blemishes or uneven skin tones. This sunscreen goes on white (I know, wait for it) BUT THEN camouflages into the skin. I use this all the time after a facial as it blends in so smoothly to anyone’s skin tone. It is so light and smoothe. I give this a 10 out of 10!

6.) The sixth on our skin and body care product list is Revitalash: I have used Revitalash for years. This magic in a bottle was developed by an Opthamologist. Listen to podcast episode 21: Who wants long, lustrous lashes  where I talk to Revitalash and let you know how long it takes to see the results, what makes this different from other lash serum brands and what Revitalash’s  favorite tips and tricks are. Just to give you a hint, my eyelashes are so long that I have to wipe my dots of mascara off my eyebrows. Now, that’s a problem I love to have! 

7.) The seventh on our skin and body care list is the Glow Stick for the face by Supergoop: This Glow Stick is my favorite sun stick. Like ever! It is spf 50 and glides on so easily. I also love that it gives my complexion a dewy look. A funny story, when Ashley and I were testing out sunscreens, she had the Glow stick.  I drove over to her house to get it back because I wanted to take it on my Boston trip. Yeah, it’s that good! You can listen to our Best Sunscreen podcast as we talk more about the Glow stick and other sunscreens we love. 

8.) The last thing on our skin and body care list is by PanOxyl: This PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash is not only great for washing your face if you suffer from acne but it is also FANTASTIC for killing bacteria on both the underarms and feet! IF you are trying to figure out that underarm body odor, try this out!  It makes all the difference. Hormones even make such a difference in your body odor and this has been a game changer. I wash my underarms with the foaming wash and it has made all the difference!

If you were wondering what to gift yourself or someone else this year, these suggestions are sure to show you put some thoughtfulness into your gift. I love giving and receiving skin and body care products that actually work! 

Wishing you a very HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON from The Anti-Aging Sisters

Lindsey and Ashley

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