Santa, can we talk about the best beauty tools! I want more collagen, less wrinkles, and hairless legs all for under 100 bucks with results in 30 days?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m not sure if Santa’s elves are that magical, but I have created a list of 7 Best Beauty Tools that may make some of your wishes come true. 

Watch out for these 7 Best Beauty Tools on Black Friday!

  1. My FAVORITE At Home Microneedling Tool: This is a microneedling tool made for use in your home. It is seriously so easy to use and is not painful. I have experienced professional microneedling and it was too painful for me, so I wanted to start investigating at home beauty tools. That’s when I discovered at home microneedling kits. There were so many on the market to choose from, so I did a ton of research and this is the one that I recommend. It is very simple to use with no downtime. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you want to start with once a week and build up to 3 times a week. I would recommend spacing out days in between for your skin to heal. Think Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday  evenings for example. You want to choose evenings, because while you sleep is when your skin is going to repair. Also, here is a pro tip – use a fresh satin pillowcase each night you microneedle to help prevent wrinkles, loss of moisture, and reduce bacteria. (Unwashed pillow cases/sheets can contain a lot of bacteria)

Before you begin at home MICRO NEEDLING, make sure you have properly removed your makeup and cleansed your face. (Pro tip – there is a professional way to do this. You can join my WAIT LIST for my beauty membership where I will teach you anti-aging skills. Do you have under eye bags or brown spots? Let me help! I’ll show you what you can do so your skin can become healthy again. Join the waitlist now.

Next, use one of their peel prep pads to additionally remove any oils or dirt that may still be present on your face. Now you are ready to microneedle! You will want to lightly roll the microneedle over your face in 3 different directions: horizontally, vertically and diagonally. I like to do this by dividing my face into sections. 

 Following the microneedling, you want to add your favorite toner, followed by your favorite serum, then moisturizer. The next day, make sure you wear your sunscreen. This is going to be a powerful but SLOW change. It can take months to see results that can include more collagen and less wrinkles, but it is worth it. Consistency and proper technique are the key. 

Just a reminder, that you want to change your needle head every 3 months. The last thing you want are dull needles! Also, after every microneedling use, cleanse the needle with Alcohol or as I prefer, a Citrus 2 Spray. Then allow the tool to air dry completely. 

  1. Nira Care Laser: Another way to eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles while increasing your collagen production is through laser treatments. Again, I prefer at home versus office treatments. I found this laser device that sounds promising as one of the best beauty tools! This laser should reduce wrinkles in 2 months, while plumping up your skin and only requires 2 minutes of your time. This laser is seriously so fast to use. You want to keep your skin dry, so use the device before applying your serums, eye cream and moisturizer. Once you have the technique down and are able to do this by touch and mirror free, watch your streamed show for a few minutes and you are done. Then apply all your skin care. 
  1. Cryo Sticks: Have you ever noticed how glowy your skin looks after a facial? As if 5 years have been erased from your face? One part of this has to do with the facial massage which actually increases oxygen flow and moves the blood to your face. Using these cold cryo sticks to massage your face will do exactly this which will help with that morning puffiness that we all dread and produce brighter, more radiant skin. 
  1. Skin Fridge: I was given this skin fridge from my facial team last Christmas. It has been my most prized possession as I use this to store all of my serums and wands. Why? Because it feels like heaven! After I complete either a microneedling, flower enzyme peel, or a spicy mask, my face is tingly. I calm my skin with a cool serum or facial wand/gua sha stone from my skin fridge. Don’t thank Santa, thank me for this new favorite toy of yours! You’re welcome! Ha!
  1. Spencer Barnes Instant Facial Sculpting Wand: aka SBLA – I noticed more recently on Instagram that Christie Brinkley is the spokesperson of SBLA now. This is supposed to smooth lines and decrease the puffiness around your eyes. It does not hurt but it does tingle, but your skin gets used to the sensation. My favorite places to use this wand are on my forehead, eleven’s, jawline and around my eyes. 
  1. LED mask: I have been using LED masks for years. The LED masks offer different results, based on the lights you choose. I simply turn on my favorite podcast and listen as I let the lights do their magic. You can choose anti-age/wrinkles or one for acne or one for pain.

There are essentially 3 different beneficial LED lights:

Blue Lights are great for acne and pimples

Red lights are great for increasing collagen production

Orange Lights are great for rosacea flare ups and to bring out the glow of your skin.

Purple Lights are my favorite combination that are both red and blue combined

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do. For other Beauty and Spa related Christmas Ideas, feel free to shop my store and be on the listen for my other two Gift Guides over the next few weeks to get you SPA-liday ready.

Happy Holidays! 

“Beauty comes as much from the mind as from the eye” – Grey Livingston


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