spa master bathroom

When I first bought my house, I had dreams of creating a Spa Master Bathroom. I knew it would need to be gutted and redesigned and would take a lot of work and patience, but I was willing to do this. I had experience with this as I renovated my guest bathroom with much success!

You see, as an esthetician and owner of a boutique full-service day spa, my passion in life are skin and beauty products. I love them! I want to try them all and see what works and what can truly make changes in my skin and my client’s skin. Therefore, a spa master bathroom in my eyes was absolutely necessary 🙂

For my spa master bathroom, I wanted to have a custom built-in shelf to hold all of my serums and creams, a luxurious shower where I can wash the day off, and beautiful drawers that contain my modalities. Afterall, I run a free anti-aging skin care membership where I teach others have to have their most healthy skin possible. I love to have all of my beautiful products and modalities displayed. They bring me such joy! Oh! Did I mention lighting, gold fixtures, marble tiles, and soft close drawers? These were a must with some of these generously provided by Wayfair. I wanted to share with you my dream space which inspires me every day to take care of myself and my skin.

A special thank you to my Interior Designer, Ashley Bagwell of Farm to French Designs:

Materials used for the renovation of my Spa Master Bathroom:

  • Paint – Sherwin Williams: Greek Villa. Trim Satin. Walls eggshell. Ceiling Flat
  • Large Tile
  • Smaller Tile
  • Bathroom Lights
  • Faucet X 2
  • Bathroom Vanity – Vanity has a 4 ” backsplash; 1/2″ top overhang 1 ” filler strip on each side, 8 ” faucet spread. NOTE: 66″ of cabinetry with 2″ filler strip on both sides.
    • Custom Vanity by Lowes. Washington Gay Shaker Cabinet, Square double sink, between two walls, quartz icicle topper.

If you are interested in taking care of your skin like an esthetician, then let me show you how! I have designed all of my skincare techniques, tricks, favorite products in my skincare program called lapree beauty.

Lots of Cheer from your trusted esthetician,


“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.”—Linden Tyler