Welcome to my favorite Business things this fall 2021!

Everyone is excited about fall that t I automatically start thinking of pumpkins, and obviously Pumpkin Spice Latte everything and all that good stuff. I’m trying something different this year and I’m also trying different things out with different colors so my colors this year are white, magenta, and pops of gray too, so we’ll see how it works out, not committing to that yet. Just filling out how that works, and then we’ll see. 

This is a business episode so speaking of fall, I thought it’d be fun if we did a fall edition of favorite business things that I’m loving. Just a few items. And then, Ash will be on the show and make sure to listen to the next one, which is going to be for all things beauty. That’s gonna be fun too. 

So let’s dive into some fun favorite business things that I’m loving this fall 2021. Enjoy the show!

I share…..

  • Favorite things
  • Benefits 
  • Systems

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Check out these Highlights:

  • I have a hard time stopping my brain. It’s important to be able to relax and focus so my brain will produce creative ideas. I find it really helps me when I am using my adult coloring book. The textures of the crayons feel great in my hand and on the paper. The bright colors and patterns are stimulating and invoking! I find that while I am coloring, I am just focusing on what I am doing and this is my way of meditating. 
  • Crossword puzzles and word search apps: I will sometimes find these in a magazine but also use 3 apps: One called word search and the other is Word crush and one is called Jigsaw puzzles. 
    • They are pretty simple but it’s fun to do and puzzles have excellent benefits such as:  
  • Improved Memory. Solving puzzles help reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. …
  • Better Problem-Solving Skills. …
  • Improved Visual-Spatial Reasoning. …
  • Increased IQ. …
  • Delay Dementia and Alzheimer’s. …
  • Improved Mood. …
  • Lower Stress Levels. …
  • Increased Attention to Detail.
  • Bookmark Monolike magnetics. Magnetic, great neutral colors, chic looking-not falling out everywhere. 
  • Tens unit for my neck. As many of you know, I suffer from frequent migraines. They are really bad and when I am at work I need to push through them. It is tough but it is doable with the help of my medication and this tens unit for my neck. It is a device that stimulates the nerves using mild, electrical signals to help control the pain. I love it because it is small, portable and is battery powered. One of my Estheticians at the spa told me about this and I just love it.
  • Biz-wise systems. I work hard on refining and updating my systems. I am always looking for ways to improve! My favorite way to train new hires has been through videos. I simply video myself doing the tanning strokes, front desk features, or whatever is needed and place it in the google shared drive. This has been such a productive and efficient way to train new employees and keep the current ones up to date! I use loom for everything and started using this organizational tip: I have ONE main document for training and then have a title and then a LINK to the video. 

There are two main documents. One for Esthetician training and one for the front desk. The front desk has all training and even maintenance training. I recently added videos such as: How to change the filter on our diffuser, how to fix the door handle, etc

  • Love Pura scents. These are amazing for both a brick and mortar or a home office. The subscription service is a win-win and I also like how you can pause it or update the scents anytime. They last a pretty long time if you keep the levels low, the device looks sleek and the scents are amazing. Def. feeling that pumpkin spice vibe right now. And of course, I researched the ingredients and according to the company, there are no harmful ingredients or chemicals, it’s safe for pets and kids. I again suffer from migraines and have to use very clean candles without any fragrance. These do not trigger my headaches and I am very grateful for that. 

Want MORE of Lindsey and Ashley’s Beauty and Wellness? Join the WAITLIST for their new anti-aging skin care Community starting soon!