Perk up time! Let’s perk up your skin with my 5-minute morning skincare routine.

On my days headed into the spa, I have to look fresh face, glowy & hydrated. After all, my skin is also a selling point for other clients. It’s like that pilates instructor that you want to look like. 

However, I also do not have a lot of time in the am so having a simple skincare routine is a must. Here are my favorites:

When I wake up, I either do these two things typically:

Now this 5-minute morning skincare regime is for mature skin, not acneic. 

  1. I either rub my oils from the night before into my skin or use a Micellar wash for the nights I’ve used a retinol, since I know a lot of exfoliations has been going on. Tip: Go ahead with all your skincare steps, use your lymph drainage moves and knock out two steps at the same time.
  2. I remove any eye-make residue if I had any on and it just gives my eyes a refresher getting everything out.
  3. I love refreshing my skin with this Essence. It feels so cooling and my skin soaks it in. It also ph balances your skin. Your ph level should approx. be maintained around 5.5. The reason is it keeps it somewhat acidic. This helps prevent dryness and regulated oil production. You can also spritz a toner if you’d like. 
  4. I add a Vitamin C in the am to help my sunscreen work harder and load my skin with antioxidants. I really am loving this Vitamin C. It really preps my skin for other products, glides on nicely and has a slight oil feeling that is super light and just amazing. I use the 20% one, but if you have sensitive skin, you can use this 15% one and get great results as well. 
  5. If you’re having a rough morning, this is where you can run this Cryo roller I use over your skin for 30-45 second, add some silicon patches to your under eyes while you go get your coffee. It will boost that hydration. You of course can also add these chilled eye patches. I love keeping them in my skin fridge. I highly recommend having a skin fridge as I apply all my skincare on chilled. It makes a big difference in depuffing your skin. Cool temps are your friend. 
  6. Add moisturizer (especially under eyes to prep for makeup). I’m going to tell you a secret about eye cream. Except I’m going to tell in inside the community. So, head there and I will give you my inside scoop on that!
  7. Add sunscreen. I’m really into sunscreen serum. It goes on so smoothly and feels like an extra skincare step rather than getting ready for a day at the beach. I put a few serums I’m loving in the community

That’s it! Now you are nice and glowy and you did it all with this 5-minute morning skincare routine! Your skin is hydrated, inflammation reduced, glowy and ready to apply your make-up. Inside our community, I have a 5-minute make-up post that goes over how I apply my make-up in 5 minutes and what products I like to use. 

You can find our free anti-aging skincare community easily at:

Also get ready, our first LIVE event is coming up! You will be able to meet virtually both myself and my co host Ashley! We will go over an advanced skincare topic and you can ask us questions!

When are you able to get direct access to a Master Esthetician? Not very often, especially if you don’t live locally or unless you are in treatment with them.

So this is an amazing opportunity for you to get empowered with taking care of your skin! I am so excited for you!

Once you sign up for our community, which is called lapree beauty-there is a live event schedule inside the community to follow. 

We cannot wait to see you there! 

Thanks for listening and until next time!


The Sisters!

Lindsey & Ashley

“Glowing skin is a result from proper skin care. It means you can wear less makeup and let your skin shine through.” ~Michael Coulombe.