What to pack for the beach

In this episode, Ashley and I are going to tell you what to pack for a beach vacation! We go through the favorites that we take every year!

We wanted to go over all of our favorites that we found. It is really easy but these have made our lives easier. These are the things that when you go to the beach you want to have so this is on your list of the things that you want to take, especially if you have more than yourself.

These are the things that make life easier when are wondering what to pack for a beach vacation; whether you are traveling with your partner or family in tow!

We share …

  • Beach Favorites
  • Where to get the items
  • What are the benefits of each item

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  • Lindsey’s Favs:
    • Sunhat
    • Adjustable hat chin straps. You can also use them for your masks as well
    • Walking bottle carrier
    • Reef shirts aka Swim Shirts aka Rashguards
      • Short sleeve:
      • Long sleeve 
    • Swimsuit
      • Crocs Flip Flops and POP of white in the Crocband Flip
    • Jet ski goggles
    • Chair Towel holders
    • Charcoal Slim Water Filter sticks
    • Babo Sunscreen
  • Ashley’s Favs:
    • Beach umbrella
    • Beach cart wonder wheel with jumbo wheels.
    • Walmart Tote Bag River Port
    • Bathing Suits 

All our best,

Lindsey and Ashley

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