Skincare lessons for plumping your skin and removing facial hair from Lindsey, our Master Esthetician, are on the Spa Skin and Beauty podcast today!

Ashley asks her esthetician sister, Lindsey, all the skincare questions, and Lindsey goes over this quick routine for exfoliation and plumping your skin to help with fine lines and wrinkles. 

Lindsey goes over the entire process, including a double cleanse.

Links to Plumping Patches

Super Eye Lift

Super Lift for Brow, Eye, Smile

Chest Lift

Super Lip Lift

Mid Brow Lift

Neck lift

Hand lift

New! Limited Edition plumping patches for the Holidays:

Sparkle Eye and Smile lift

Sparkle Brow lift

Other helpful plumping and exfoliating skincare items you may need:

*Facial Oil : Link

*Gel Cleanser: LINK

*Cold Roller: LINK

*Essence and Toner: LINK

*Serum: LINK

*Eyelash Serum: LINK

*Molecular Hydrogen tablets for mineral infused fizzy water : LINK – spaskinbeauty for 20%off

*Healthy Swaps Special Green Juice Ashley drinks Organic Super Greens  with 15% off discount included the flavors are – unflavored, strawberry lemonade, and tropical 

Ashley’s Green Tonic recipe with the Organic Super Greens:

I fill a glass with sparkling water (I buy a case of Pelegrino in glass bottles at Costco), then add a little organic lemonade, and then add a scoop of the strawberry or tropical organic super greens. Mix well! Then add ice and a squeeze of fresh organic lemon, and add 1 lemon slice. 

Lapree beauty, our esthetician-led skincare app

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