Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is today’s topic on our Spa Skin and Beauty Podcast episode. Oxygen is so incredibly important to us. Not only to stay alive but for our cellular health – oxygen is used by our cells to create energy. From a skin point of view oxygen plays a HUGE ROLE in making your skin healthy and looking beautiful.

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy are so many!

  1. Increases oxygen to the body’s tissues
  2. Boosts white blood cell count (which is important to fight off certain diseases – this therapy has been used to help people with a compromised immune system such as those with cancer.) Because Cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment. So the hyperbaric oxygen therapy Changes the environment of the cells to flood the body with oxygen. It gives your body 8 to 10 times more oxygen than normal! When it does this it triggers your immune system and repair mechanisms in your body. The tumor cells can not survive in that type of environment, so this is a way for them to die. 
  3. Increases blood flow and circulation
  4. Reduces pain and swelling
  5. So great for your brain – 
  6. Helps with long covid
  7. Chronic Migraines
  8. Hearing Loss
  9. Sports Recovery
  10. Chronic Fatigue
  11. Stroke and Concussion
  12. For a wound that will not heal – especially great for diabetic patients

What does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy look like and feel like?

So, while inside the enclosed chamber you will be breathing 100% pure oxygen. They will put a mask over your nose to breathe it in.  It raises the air pressure level, so it helps the oxygen get to the parts of your body that it needs to get to. Others are a hard enclosed space that they flood with oxygen, so it really depends on what is available in your area. 

It can feel like your ears are popping like when you are taking off in a plane. They are clear chambers and depending on what kind of chamber you have available at your health centers – some can fit 2 people in them. They usually will make it a really comfortable area with pillows and blankets and some will make the chamber see through for those that are claustrophobic.

Where comfy clothes.. You can take your shoes off. Depending on your site and configuration of the chamber, you may be able to bring in your phone if you want to listen to music or watch something. Usually, you will be in there for 80 minutes. 10 min at the beginning to increase the air pressure – 60 minutes of sitting in there and 10 minutes at the end to get the air pressure to come back down.

Us sisters talk about all the ways Oxygen therapy can improve your skin on this Spa Skin and Beauty Podcast episode! Enjoy the show and Until Next Time!

Love from the Spa Sisters,

Lindsey and Ashley

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