Cellulite Treatment with at home Options

A common question we receive is how we can perform cellulite treatment at home? The first thing to understand is that cellulite is actually a skin condition. That is why it doesn’t matter what you weigh because physically fit people can have cellulite too. It has to do with your skin. Where your skin is thin, and you are losing elasticity is where you will find most cellulite because it has to do with the weakening collagen fibers between your muscles and your skin separating the fat into pockets. This is what forms that dimpled, rippled look.

If you are wanting to reduce the appearance of cellulite there are things that you can do!

1.  One Skin– There are tons of creams promising to get rid of your cellulite. This is the one that I would invest in as it has science to back it up with the proprietary peptide formula developed by 4 women scientists. This is the one for your body! It actually reverses your skin’s age at the molecular level.

2. Droplette DeviceUse the Collagen Hydrofiller infuser capsule – This is a needle free skin care technology device that gets skin care ingredients 20% deeper into the skin than a topical application will. You could do their growth factors, collagen hydrofiller, or a combination of different ones. They have a team that will give you your personalized set of capsule recommendations.

3: LED lights – Celluma has a panel where you can wrap it around your leg – this is what Lindsey and I use! This is great because the light boosts your circulation, so that increased blood flow can help break up those fat cells. It also helps increase collagen production. That increase of collagen production results in smoother, firmer skin. This is what Ashley is using on her cellulite journey!

4. High frequency wand – Wow high frequency has been around the block for a while-actually since the 1800’s when it was invented by Nikola Tesla. For cellulite, the high frequency waves break up the cellulite lumps. Use it in a circular motion around the areas. High frequency is great to use for lymphactic drainage as well, so you’re moving everything out of the body, ridding it of those toxins. Most of the high frequency wands are not too expensive-ranging from $150-$50 or so.

5: Microcurrent device – Microcurrent devices tone the muscle and tighten the muscle-so it’s going to help sculpt and smooth the appearance of dimples on the skin. It’s pretty easy to use and doesn’t take long as well.

6. Lyma cold laser – This is a pretty pricey device, but I have had my eye on it for quite some time and finally bought it! The company says to use their protocol daily for 3 months and then switch to twice weekly. You will hold the laser on the cellulite area for 3 minutes per area, then move to the next section. It has been proven to sculpt and contour body parts affected by cellulite. Ashley is using this on her face to combat wrinkles on her forehead, 11s, increase collagen under the eye, lift the eyelids, and tighten her jowls. At 7 weeks of using this every night for an hour she has noticed significant improvement!

7. Drink lots of water- as you hydrate, your skin plumps up which will make those ripples less noticeable. It also flushes out the toxins and helps to give you a beautiful glow! So it’s not only great for cellulite but great for your overall skin.

8. Keep your skin moisturized – especially after showering when your skin is damp. Coconut Oil is a great option! It’s not expensive and it also smells great. It is a fatty oil so it will help lock in that moisture!

9. Limit alcohol – this dries out your skin

10. Limit processed foods and replace them with nutrient dense foods – I know it’s so hard – that chemically man-made food is delicious!! Ugg!! But the excess fat is stored in our fat cells and unhealthy foods makes them expand.

11. Exercise – I know we said that thin people have cellulite too, but reducing fat cells does help with cellulite. Because the less fat you have, the less fat there is to make those dimples. So do some sort of cardio to get the blood flowing and to help manage your weight – aerobic, walking, jogging, etc.

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More Cellulite Treatment Tips to Do at Home

13. Dry brushing – when dry brushing, always brush towards your heart – this also helps with lymphatic drainage! It helps to remove dead skin cells thereby creating new ones. Begin from the bottom of your ankles and brush upward in long strokes. For example, if I am targeting my cellulite then I would go from my ankles to my knees then from my knees to my buttocks.

14. Lift weights – or you can do body resistance as your weights. This cellulite treatment helps to keep your skin both firm and tight while diminishing the look of cellulite. 

Now all of these at home cellulite treatment tips go together. You can’t pull through a drive thru and load up on a #1 then slap on some moisturizer and expect results. This is going to take some work and discipline, but these options are also good for your overall health too! 🍎

Beauty Smiles,

Lindsey and Ashley

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