Today’s Spa Skin and Beauty podcast is focusing on anti-aging with Microinfusion and or microinfusing and how it can make some pretty incredible changes in your skin care results. These anti-aging skincare results include plumping up your skin and filling in those wrinkles with scientific data to prove it. Lindsey, our leading esthetician, tells you how she uses this with her anti-aging skincare routine, while Ashley asks her all the skincare questions!

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If you have not heard about microinfusion or the droplette device, then we are here to share! Just the name microinfusing sounds so interesting and scientific and is just so exciting!!!

Let me tell you, so I have been talking about this device for a little bit and now I’m on my 3rd box, so I’m hooked. I am talking about the droplette device, which used micro infusing to get deep within your skin. In fact, it gets 20x deeper than most skincare and is clinically validated. Therefore, the ingredients are 90% more effective than your average skincare. To simplify it, it’s getting through your skin layers because the particles are so small. 

I’ve had my eye on this droplette device for over a year and a half, so I bit the bullet this year and bought it for myself to try out with my own money. Since I am pregnant, I’m not able to use their retinol or glycolic acid capsules yet so I’m using their collagen hydro filler. I really can tell a difference in how plump it’s getting my skin.

This microinfusion droplette device was created by MIT trained scientists and I learned that it was funded by the National Institutes of Health, and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research so it’s definitely in the category of breakthrough science. 

What made me break down and buy it was listening to a talk in which the founder had with the owner of One Skin and it all just made sense and clicked for me. 

I’m just sharing what is working for me-and this device or the capsules aren’t cheap, so it HAD to work for me to be able to share. The device is around $299, and the capsules are used every day so it’s an investment. BUT if you are loving your skin and seeing the results, to me that’s worth it. We have a special code for you that both Ashley and I use too to save some money on your device! Use code LAPREEBEAUTY20 for 20% off your device!

It’s also very easy to use as well. It comes with a charger, and you pop the capsule of your choice in. Again, I’m using the hydrofiller capsules and recommend going ahead and getting the 30 pack since you need one every day. The cleaning capsules also come with the packs you can get. You can also get a 12 pack if you prefer.

You turn the device on, and a light mist comes out. You do small circles around your face and use as close as possible. It takes about 2 minutes total. I know where my deeper wrinkle lines are so giving those a little more TLC when using the device. Also, tilt your head back slightly as I noticed I have to keep my breathing a certain way or I will cough due to the mist. They recommend keeping your mouth closed just for comfort reasons rather than safety reasons. So, they say they don’t use any chemical propellants or accelerants like a traditional aerosol. Their delivery system is mechanical only-which means their mists are mainly a mix of water and ingredients that exist in nature and in your bodies. For example, Vitamin A (retinol) or collagen. They said they have performed laboratory testing and have confirmed that their mist cannot travel into their lungs, which I find very comforting. 

I bring my droplette down to my neck as well to treat that area. 

Their device uses ultrasonic technology, which aerosols their serums into a micro mist. This micro mist is made of particles less than five microns in diameter (so 100X smaller than the width of a single hair).

Their pump is a high velocity (which means speed), so this speed makes the mist particles 30-50x smaller to get deeper into your skin. 

They also have specialists that can customize your treatments-so depending on what you are needing to do with your skin (ex.) wrinkles, brown spots, acne, etc. They will customize a bundle for you, and you will be mixing the capsules nightly. I think that’s pretty neat that they offer that. 

I’m a huge fan of clinical trials so I went straight to their clinical results page. They show trials for this micro infusion device ranging from 2-8 weeks on various capsules. The combined results showed candidates with visual improvement in skin tone evenness, reduction in redness, skin brightness, wrinkles, reduction and scar reduction.

Results: It’s skin, so you will see a slight difference in about 2 weeks, but at least give it a month for sure. 

Let’s talk about the GOLDEN treatment for you skin combo: 

  1. Dermaroll
  2. Micro Infuse using the droplette with either a collagen or their growth factor capsules
  3. LED mask
  4. One skin
  5. The next day add a silicone patch

Yay! We have coupon codes to help save you some money for some of these products in our esthetician led skincare community named lapree beauty.

I mean… wow. Your skin is going to look amazing on this routine, especially if you keep it up.

They send a recycling bag with your monthly subscription so you can place your used capsules the bag and send them back. It’s also a prepaid label, making it really easy to recycle. 

So, if want to go needle free, this is getting as close as I think you’re going to get for now. Combine this and One skin and get ready to be wowed.

However, if you do have Botox, they recommend waiting 24 hours after skincare treatments.

Also, you can still use if have acne, eczema or sensitive skin-just be mindful of some of their formulas can tingle more than others.

You can also use your other skincare and serums with this device. However, just do those after you do the droplette microinfusion device first. If you are doing the growth factor, store those capsules in your fridge for maximum effectiveness.
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Beauty Smiles,

Lindsey and Ashley

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