How to tighten the neck and get a neck lift without surgery is a huge topic. With aging, our neck is losing the same thing as our skin on our face and body: collagen and elasticity. As a spa owner and esthetician with over a decade of experience, I often get asked how to tighten the neck and get a neck lift without surgery! So many of us either have or want to prevent the dreaded waddle or turkey neck!

We don’t have the support we used to from connective tissues and muscles so it can take a toll on our neck. Of course, you can have surgery, but if you don’t want to, there are other less invasive things that you can do.

There are in office procedures that claim to focus on how to tighten the neck as well as how to lift the neck such as Thermage, dermal fillers, Botox, CoolSculpting, Kybella, etc. 

I personally would rather go the cold laser route and add in some at home micro needling combined with The Droplette Device using retinol capsules. By the way, if you are not adding in an at home micro needling to your skincare routine then please begin. This is one of the ultimate anti-aging devices that will make a difference in the appearance of your skin. I have researched all of the at home microneedling devices and this one is by far my favorite.

Another device that I have got my eye on is the lyma cold laser. I have not tried this out yet, but it is definitely on my wish list for this year. I would love to see the results after combining the Lyma cold laser with LED because I believe it would be amazing. Again, I have not tested it yet, but I would LOVE to try that out. It helps with elasticity, texture, tone, wrinkles. They have some incredible before and after images on their site demonstrating how cold lasers can penetrate past the muscles and fat. 

I also have noticed we are getting bulges on the back of our neck because all of us are looking at our phones! I’ve seen exercises for this online if you are wanting a natural way to correct this issue. It’s interesting, because we tend to focus on just what we can see with our own eyes. For example, we can work on having a cute neck but then we could have a large bulge popping out of the back? So, let’s all keep in mind that there are 2 sides that need attention.

I go into my specific routine on how I obtain a neck lift without surgery. If this is something that you are interested in, then please join our lapree beauty community. I give you the step-by-step instructions! I have 2 options – one is a more permanent solution that requires weekly attention and the other is for an instant lift for special occasions, photos, meetings, etc.

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