I introduced the mouth taping benefits to my sis, Ashley as this. Hey sis! Close your mouth, and I’m gonna put some duct tape on you. (Haha)

I’ve been mouth taping for about a month. Also called Nose breathing. Mouth taping is used to encourage nose breathing during sleep.

Full disclosure: It is addictive. I am reaching for my mouth tape, and I get excited. Yes, I look crazy, and it is annoying when your lovebug has one more thing to say before I go to sleep. I think he’s doing that on purpose because he knows I can’t speak. You know, getting that last word in. Anyhow, I digress.

Recently we went on a trip for mom’s birthday to Charleston, so I took my mouth tape with me to share with my sister and mom.

Mouth Taping Benefits

Let’s talk about sleep. First thing I noticed is I go to sleep so much faster with the mouth tape on! This is really spectacular for me, because as you know, I struggle really bad with restless leg syndrome which prevents me from falling to sleep. I also noticed that mouth taping got me into a deep sleep. So, when I wake up, I’m thinking wow I was really asleep! I feel refreshed and well rested. Also, I can still use these when I have my nighttime retainers in. So yeah, it’s a real cute look for me! Along with my sleep mask, sometimes my hair bonnet and 4 pillows.

Mouth taping helps reduce the side effects of Mouth breathing which can include nighttime coughing, various dental conditions like bleeding gums, bad breath, dry mouth, teeth grinding, cavities and high blood pressure.

When you breathe through your mouth at night; these are also some of the symptoms:

Bacterial inhaling


Dryness of throat. Let’s unpack! I think it reduces throat dryness, BUT I still wake up to go to the bathroom at least 1 time per night and still want water.

Mouth Taping Benefits Anti-aging

This is where anti-aging comes in which is fascinating to me. Mouth breathing during sleep can affect your appearance. How so? It may change the growth pattern of the face. Breathing out of your mouth can be responsible for facial and cranial morphology development leading to development of a long, narrow face with crooked teeth, receded jaw. Also, can cause TMD and headache issues. Medical doctors, orthodontists and speech therapists have studied altered facial growth for mouth breathers.

Mouth taping benefits have shown to help reduce snoring. Disclosure: You still snore. (ex.) like mom but its’ less. And my husband said I still snored, but it’s a lot less.

Mouth taping helps reduce chronic fatigue, nasal congestion, fragmented sleep

What tape do I like? So many brands. We have the tape I love listed in our online skin and beauty store. This is the one I use and love, because it came with 90 strips and was at a low price point. I think that’s pretty reasonable for 90 strips. You use 1 strip per night. There are many other brands, and many price points. Like one was $23 for a pack of 28 and I thought that was pricey. I like this one because it goes over your lips, and it does have a very small opening. It’s comfortable to me. I think they are fun to use! I like this mouth tape over the one that looked like an X over the mouth. 

Just make sure to get hypoallergenic mouth tapes so as not to experience skin irritations. Obviously, a no brainer-if you have a cold sore, let’s skip it!

Speaking of anti-aging, are you tired of skincare products and tips that don’t deliver results? Are you overwhelmed by all the choices of serums, moisturizers, cleansers?

Are you tired of seeing a new wrinkle or a brown spot that will not go away?

There is a solution and it’s in the comfort of your own home.

How to use mouth tape

When I did the research for the type of tape to use, I was laughing through the reviews. One lady said the mouth tape ripped her skin off her lip. I thought-it’s not a band-aid. Go gently. Your gonna have to have an adhesive strong enough to keep it on all night. Another person said it was too small for their lips, but I thought my coverage was fine.

Who should not use mouth tape?

*You have problems breathing out of your nose

*If you’re sick, have a cold, *ear infection, sinus infections.

*If you are obese

*Drinking alcohol

*Heart or breathing problems; blood pressure is low

*If you are taking tranquilizers

Each brand may be different, but most of them said you can use with:

*Over the nose dilators

*In nose dilators

*CPAP machines (treat sleep apnea with oxygen delivery through a mask and tube)

All my best from your trusted esthetician,


“One of the hardest things in the world, is keeping your mouth shut when you know something should be said.” ~ humorous unknown

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