In this podcast, Lindsey is so excited as every influencer and blogger wants to know how to get influencer partnerships jobs! I know so many influencers who would love to partner with Wayfair so I thought this episode would be incredibly helpful for you! I got a partnership with Wayfair, and it was such an incredible experience that I wanted to share it with you. I hope this helps you on your influencer journey!

Her guest for this podcast is Lindsay Shores, Senior Associate, SEO Marketing at Wayfair. She and Lindsey connected through Lindsey’s interior decorator who helped create their studio. Lindsey also has Wayfair products in her office and spa that helped her grow her business. Wayfair gets a lot of her business, so it was a wonderful collaboration. Enjoy the show!

She shares…..

  • Partnerships with other business owners, designers, and Influencers
  • Advice on  those reaching out to work with brands
  • Building relationships

And many more.

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Check out these Highlights for how to get influencer partnerships jobs:

  • How’s the company during Covid
  • How Wayfair Started
  • Lindsay’s personal story about Wayfair – How she started and her role
  • People behind the brand
  • What makes Wayfair different from other brands
  • How to select bloggers or influencers she wants to work with
  • When to follow up an email
  • To give your rates or not?
  • Advertising in Social Media
  • Working with Microinfluencers
  • Advice to influencers and bloggers
  • Wayfair Covid resources
  • Work Culture in Wayfair
  • Getting in touch with Wayfair

Links mentioned in this episode for how to get influencer partnerships jobs:

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