How do I wash my hands? Why should I ask for a barrier cream? Oh no! is it raining?! These are some of the things that you need to avoid airbrush tanning pitfalls.

In today’s episode, Lindsey and Ashley tell you EXACTLY how to get your best airbrush spray tan during your session as well as what questions to ask!

It’s incredible how asking a simple question about how to get your best airbrush spray tan can make all the difference in your results. We realize you are spending your valuable time and money on services, so let’s make sure you get the most out of every session and avoid those airbrush tanning pitfalls!

Here are some airbrush tanning pitfalls questions we discuss on this episode!

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-Which type of tan should you get and why? Skin tones etc. 

-Why you need to ask for a Violet shade in your tan

-When should you ask for a barrier cream?

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-When should you ask for a shower cap?

– When can I wear a mask over my face without messing up the tan?

-Can I wear my deodorant

-What to ask for if you come in sweaty after a workout

-How to wash your hands after an airbrush spray tan

-Go to the bathroom PRIOR to your tan-otherwise you will leave the toilet seat with bronzer all over it and it hasn’t dried yet

-What to do if you move the bronzer around

-Why it’s best not to wear a bra afterwards

-If you MUST wear a bra, do this

-What should you wear during the session? 

-What you should be looking for the airbrush spray technician to be doing(spraying close and not full blast dripping)

– How do you know if you PH balance is off? What to do?

-What to do if the bronzer looks pooled in parts like inner creases of your arm

-What to do if you got the tan wet right after (ex.) rain drops, drink a glass of water and it spilled, etc.)

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