2022 Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

All of these 2022 Holiday Gift Guide products are listed in our Spa Shop for easy ordering at www.lindseyholder.com.

Lindsey: Acupressure mat: This is a really cool and easy gift to give and is at the top of our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: An Accupressure mat is usually a gift that someone gives to you and you’re like wow that’s awesome.  I like the ones that come with a pillow and a mat together. Acupressure mats relieve back & neck pain and help with muscle relaxation. I love using one when I have a headache also. Speaking of headaches, this is not on the gift guide but just sharing my nail lady told me about this ice cap on amazon to get for my migraines. It’s awesome. I keep it in a large freezer bag inside my freezer and grab it when I have a headache. I really should get two, so when the other one loses it’s cool, I have a backup. AND…they are not that expensive. This is a GREAT Christmas present. And I’m buying a few for gifts

Ashley: Edens Garden Essential Oils: They have a “Best of the Best” sampler set of their best-selling oils. I like how they have no synthetics, fragrances, toxic chemicals or fillers. It’s a great price point of $34.95. I used their oils for around 3 years now and love them. It’s hard to beat their price also. They are not an MLM company, and they have the basics in the sets like Lavender, Eucalyptus, Orange, Peppermint and my favorite is fir around the world – pine forest!

GREAT friend gift or white elephant gift! 

Lindsey: Droplette: This year in this section of the 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, it’s really about going deeper into the skin to get results. I listened recently to the conversation that The Droplette founder had with the One Skin founder and was fascinated learning more about this device. This technology is using a micro mist to go 20X deeper than normal skin topical applications. That stat blew me away. It’s pretty pricey at $299 plus the individual capsules-BUT if it’s truly working then you are replacing a lot of other items you don’t need. They have all the ingredients you could need i.e.: Collagen, Retinol, Growth Factors-and even a lip plumper that I want to try out. I think this may need an episode all by itself. But this one is definitely on my radar for those Holiday specials coming up!

Ashley Slippers: You must get these slippers. They are $29.99 (ok, people $30) and they are so soft YET sturdy. I can walk around the house, and they have a bottom which I need. I alternate between these and my softer ones to mix it up. I have a gray pair-they are plush, fluffy and cozy. When my feet get cold, I really cute it up and put socks on:) 

Ashley Scalp massager: This is a great add on to your holiday list. Great for adding to a larger gift, a stocking stuffer or for yourself (like me). Scalp massagers of course feel good, but also stimulates the scalp and hair follicles & increases blood circulation which are both important with hair growth. It also helps products get out of your scalp like buildup. Also good for those with dandruff or psoriasis.

Lindsey: Beauty mirror for bathroom mirror: This bathroom mirror is amazing which is why it’s hot on our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! I looked for it for so long and love it. I can get so close and see everything. Let’s get personal: I love to use it to shave! Yep, get all those little hairs everywhere. And I love to clean out my pores with it. I can see every pore that needs a good cleanse and use my skin scrubber to slowly go over those suckers. Hot tip: I always put a salicylic acid on first to loosen them up-Like the one from Paula’s Choice or Obagi. I like how this one is easy to apply to an existing mirror-you can easily put it on or take it off with ease. It has a gooseneck so it’s very bendable and easy to get to where you need it to go.

If you have big pores – clean it out and then put led light afterwards to tighten it up

Ashley – Ultrasonic skin scrubber: These are ALL over Lindsey’s skin care videos inside lapree beauty, our skincare community. They are so versatile-you can use them to remove blackheads or sebaceous filaments, exfoliate, OR to infuse your serum deeper into your skin. 

Lindsey: Current body lip perfector or LED mask: Use code CBSPA15 to get 15% off your purchase. I use the current body LED mask 3 times a week. It’s so easy to strap on the face mask and leave on for 10 minutes when it automatically shuts off. I want to try out their lip perfector and also their hand one. Now I also have a Celluma LED light, which is more expensive and amazing. We have a code for that also inside our lapree beauty community. I really want the Current Body Hand perfector LED light as well.

Lindsey: pelvic floor exerciser: A little pricey at $199, comes with its own app. Basically it strengthens your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are confusing. This device seems too easy. You just place the device, connect the app and it guides you through the exercises. This will help you with bladder control, great for expecting moms and postpartum. This is on my wish list.

Ashley Orris botanical soaps: Oh, my goodness, these soaps smell amazing. These are elevated bar soaps using botanical ingredients. We actually were just sent a collection of these soaps and I’m already hooked. I use soap every single day instead of a body wash-I like to scrub it on my bath sponge and love the sudsiness. The Parisian brand has their fragrant bases and accords derived solely from natural essences, distilled from plant matter. They name it as nature’s own perfumery. The peppermint & patchouli one smells SOOO good! They are inspired by herbalism, Ayurveda and Japanese cleansing rituals. I say get some for Christmas gifts, then add some for yourself as they are too good to give up. We have this in our online spa shop.

Lindsey Pilates: Get yourself a membership online for Christmas! We LOVE Lindy well as our online Pilates program and have used this for over two years now. Robin is the Pilates instructor who has such great energy and I love her combos. And I also like how you can do shorter videos like 10-15 min or longer ones. Another perk is they have healthy recipes that you can print out that have been designed by their registered dietician. We have a special link just for you and the prices are pretty low: $27 for one month, $24 if you get a six month and only $19 if you purchase an entire year. LINK to get savings for a special discount just for you! You have to click on the link, to get the special discount.

Higher Dose Infrared PEMF mat: Leaving you with a SPLURGE moment on this 2022 Holiday Gift Guide.  I have had my eye on this for a while. Coming hot at $1095, I’m waiting on some specials to come in. I just bought a Celluma pro panel and that was over $1K so giving myself some space. This is definitely on my wish list as these mat grounds, you in earth’s magnetic field for a full body reset and also has infrared heat to intensify it. The benefits include mood boosts, reducing stress and inflammation, relieves chronic pain and increased energy, better sleep (I need that!), improved circulation and muscle recovery. I looked at the actual layers that make up the mat and they go like this: Starting out with a crystal therapy layer, then a charcoal, clay & magnetic layer, and infrared layer, a non-toxic PU leather layer and finally the PEMF layer at the top.

You could double time it and be on the mat while wearing your LED face mask as well.

Theraice Rx form fitting gel ice relief hat: Yes, an ice hat. I have migraines and this is the best thing ever. They also have compression sleeves to relieve pain from hands and wrists. I keep my ice hat in a large freezer storage bag, so it’s not mixed with other items from the freezer. I’m thinking about getting two as sometimes my head is so bad, I need another pack right after it ready to go. At $34.95 they are a pretty good price. 

Gua Sha Lymphatic Drainage Tool: If you have sensitive skin or have texture issues, here is an alternative for you to use for lymphatic drainage This is a body paddle made of stone and can be used hot or cold by running hot or cold water over it.

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

~Lindsey and Ashley