2022 holiday beauty

Welcome to our 2022 Holiday Beauty and Skincare Gift Guide!

Before we begin, make sure to look out for all the Black Friday deals for your 2022 Holiday Beauty gifts. I recommend having a google sheet book marked with exactly what you need or want and the links and prices. Set your budget, then tally them up. This allows you to stay focused. Otherwise, we want to get everything!

  1. Lindsey Ourself: Lip filler. Made with Vitamin E. Ashley and I were just sent this product, and this is definitely on our 2022 Holiday Beauty Gift Guide. I’ll tell you a few things I like about this: They claim lasting results in 3 weeks with the lip filler.  It infuses hyaluronic acid, which we know plumps everything up. The other main ingredient is Vitamin B3 derived lip color enhancer-which helps enhance your natural lip color. If you have chapped lips or broken skin on lips, the company recommends waiting until they are healed before using. We do have a code for you to use for 15% off. It’s lapreebeauty15 and you go to ourself.com. It’s a bit pricey at $145, so you will definitely want to use that discount code which gets you $21.75 off.
  1. Lindsey: Victoria Beckam Beauty: I have been wanting to try out her line for a while now. I recently listened to her on a podcast and then saw her on TV, so naturally that advertising worked on me, and I went to her website. They state themselves as a clean beauty line and have sustainable packaging as well so that always interests me. Her Satin Kajal eyeliners have great reviews, so that’s the one I want to try. It’s supposed to stay put all day, so I am definitely interested in that. I have green eyes, so I usually gravitate towards a purple eyeliner, and it really makes my eyes pop.  The purple is her “Fig” color. Retails for $26. I also like how her packaging is made from corn foam instead of bubble wrap, so you can run it under the water, and it will dissolve. Her boxes are made of 100% recycled paper cartons.
  2. Ashley: ONE Skin Body Topical Supplement: I have been using the Face supplement for One skin for one month now and Lindsey has been using it close to 4 months now. We both loved the results so much Lindsey ordered the Body supplement and this is on Ashley’s Santa List and definitely needs to be on your 2022 holiday beauty list! The before and after pictures alone are…wow. They help so much with the crepiness you can get on your arms and legs; reduces flakiness, increases hydration and soothes skin. It increases your skin and firmness. I love combining one skin with LED light, SIO beauty patches (or any medical grade silicone patch) and at home derma rolling. They have both a one time order or a subscription based service. If you do want to save, click on the link for our Free lapree beauty skincare community at lindseyholder.com to save 15% on your first order. We have so many DISCOUNT CODES FOR FREE in our community!
  3. Lindsey: KUR: illuminating nail concealer by Londontown nail polish: milk creamy white or pink tones. You don’t need a base or topcoat with this polish, it has a sheer, milky finish so it aids in blurring nail imperfections, it strengthens and conditions and comes in a variety of colors. If you are short on time for a manicure, then this is your saving nail grace. A great gift for a girlfriend!
  4. Ashley: Maya Chia: This skincare and beauty brand has been on my radar for a few months now. I love how it’s both clean beauty and I was super excited to learn that is headquarters are in Charleston SC. Both Ashley and I have degrees from there. 

What’s on our radar to try for our 2022 holiday beauty list:

  1. The super naked plum and chia face oil. Coming in at a pricey $70, this oil has 5-star reviews that are well…glowing! Coming from the company: It’s ultralight with the plum oil from an orchard in France. It is free of essential oils (why it’s called Super Naked), so great for those with sensitive skin. I’m excited to try this with my jade roller.
  2. The Great Cleanse; nourishing supercritical cleansing oil. Keeping it on the oil side, let’s add a cleansing oil to the mix. Not a bad price point at $48 for a great cleansing oil. It’s filled with Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Neroli-so excellent natural botanicals. It’s made with chia oil in one of the blends!

6) Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr: Pretty impressive that her products are certified organic. This is very hard to do in the skincare industry. This means the farm fields and processing facilities are tested, the soil and water are tested to make sure the growers and handlers are meeting the standards. Her products are free of any herbicides, pesticides, petrochemicals, artificial colors or artificial fragrance. What is on our radar:

  1. Minty Mineral Hydration Mist: Just the name alone makes you want to spritz it everywhere. And the color of the bottle is this gorgeous aqua marine with a gold top cap and it’s just really pretty:) This facial mist hydrated and soothes skin. It can also refresh your makeup and boosts your natural glow. It delivers essential vitamins and minerals from Aloe Vera, Microalgae, Blue Daisy, and Sea water. 
  2. Turmeric Glow Foaming Cleanser:  This cleanser transforms into a lathering foam to remove dirt, oil and impurities. I always giggle a lot when companies say they remove “dirt”. I’m like, who has actual dirt on their skin? What defines “dirt”. The dictionary says it’s a filthy or soiling substance. Geez. It could be dust, so I’m going with that. The key ingredients it has include turmeric and aloe vera. Miranda talks about the Noni ingredient she swears by and grew up on-which is a powerful antioxidant rich in vitamins and minerals. I also think it’s a great price point at $42.

7)a) Illuminating Creme from 100% pure store: This highlighter is $24 and comes in two shades. One is Starlight, which has warm undertones of gold and pearl and the other is Northern Light which is cool with undertones of blue and pink. The highlighter had over 234 amazing reviews on their site and is made with aloe juice and pomegranate oil. It gets its shimmer from natural mineral that gives you that glow.

b) 2nd skin corrector: If you need a little help covering redness, correcting dark circles and brightening your complexion this one is for you. It’s made with olive squalene which is hydrating and natural pigments. It is $27 and comes in three shades: Green (it’s a matcha green tea color) which corrects redness; yellow which lightens dark under eye circles by correcting blue and purple tones, and lastly peach: which is illuminating and brightens dark circles and dull skin

8) Chin masks: Are they really worth the hype? I’m not really sure BUT always up for giving them a try. This would definitely be a temporary lift or else no one would get a face lift and just slap on a chin mask. However, it could possibly get you that tightening look you are needing for the day. Great for events, pictures on camera social media, speaking and when you just want to look good for the day! There are so many out there so maybe that’s a good research opportunity for us to do the best chin masks! Until then, we went with the Lauer slimming face mask double chin lifting mask for firming and tightening skin. I’m not sure if this would be a good gift to give Haha or you may offend the person. BUT it sure is one for yourself. 

9) Reusable under eye patches: We have a lot of gel under eye patches that are already put together, but we don’t have the reusable ones. This is definitely our 2022 holiday beauty list to try! These would be a GREAT gift to give and also for yourself. We looked into the ones by skin gym and it’s very simple. You put a thin layer of your eye serum or cream on and wait for 10 seconds. Then wet the application side of the eye patches with water. Before applying wait 5 seconds. Keep them on for 10-20 minutes. To reuse the under-eye patches, use warm water and gentle soap if needed. Store them in the container they came in and keep chilled in fridge for that lasting effect. We just did a video on our skincare community for different ways to depuff your eyes. Join at lindseyholder.com to get access to lapree beauty, our anti-aging skincare community!

10) Silicone face masks: I love using a sheet mask, but they are kind of a pain to keep on. So here is a tip-get a silicone face mask to apply over top of it! These are GREAT! They hold your sheet mask on so you can go about whatever you need to do without pieces falling off your face. They are quite inexpensive, and reusable so last a long time. I just keep them in a plastic bag after I wash and dry them. 

Obviously these brands have way more products then we went over but we recommend to try one or two from the brand first to test the waters.

Ask these questions to yourself: how does your skin do with them? How do you like them? Are they helping you with your skin issues? Is the make-up effective and working for you? Then if you like it, try a couple more products as well. 

Let us know in our lapree beauty community if you enjoyed any of these 2022 holiday beauty and skincare products! We love hearing from you!

Happy Holidays!! And don’t forget to use your spreadsheet:)

Beauty Smiles,

Lindsey and Ashley