Want an Easy Mary Poppins Halloween costume? This simple Halloween costume is cute for work or the office. 

Grab a black umbrella Mary Poppins worthy, a black skirt, tights, booties, slim black belt, open white blouse, open red bow tie, pearl studs, a black hat and you are set!

A Few Essentials to make your easy Mary Poppins Halloween costume  complete:

Glo Skin Beauty suede matte crayon and concealer and “They’re Real” black eye liner. 

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Use the Suede Matte Lip Liner I love from Glo Skin Beauty 

Of course don’t forget Mary Poppins Signature RED bow tie. 

( Leave untied to be more modern-I borrowed my dad’s tie)

Grab a pair of black booties from your closet for that extra lift!

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