Vampires are a popular choice for Halloween costumes. In this article I show how head makeup artist Essie Cha transformed Nina Dobrev’s Makeup in The Vampire Diaries for both the Elena and Katherine characters. She uses certain colors and techniques for each character!

In this article, Essie reveals her step by step secrets to show you how you can recreate this look at home. In short, she discusses the importance of healthy skin, proper tools ,brush strokes and lastly, the brands she uses.

Healthy Skin for Makeup

If you are interested in learning how to create beautiful skin, I go into details on how to transform your skin during this episode of The Lindsey Holder Show.

Makeup for The Vampire Diaries cast

During my reign as a Remington National Style Ambassador, one of my most memorable  days was on the SET of Vampire Diaries with make-up department head Essie Cha . I had many requests for the exact make-up brands discussed in the video for  Nina Dobrev’s Makeup on The Vampire Diaries. Therefore, here is the the post originally created on Remington’s page.

Vampire Diaries make-up

The Goods:

Essie’s top choice: Napoleon Perdis Primer {p.s.} I purchased this product after meeting Essie and it is a quality product. I now understand why she uses this for the entire cast. 

Secondly, here is Essie’s choice for Paul Wesley. Gerda Spillman’s Swiss cosmetics (Color: Cacao)

Lastly, I was pleasantly surprised learning that Ian Somerhalder loves everything organic! I am a huge believer in organic products for both my food and skin. For the set, Ian Somerhaulder uses  L’uvalla organic skin care line. 

Another TOP fav from Essie: Koh Gen Do foundation. Especially used for on-set make-up

Essie’s favorite Eye Shadows are:

Napoleon Perdis (Egypt color)

Bobby Brown eyeshadow: Champagne Color.

For Katherine’s  look – use in the crease of eyes

Want Elena Gilbert eyes? Use your brush in a DOWNward stroke

Want Katherine Pierce eyes? Use your brush in an UPward stroke

Lastly, I appreciate the tip of how to apply your brush for an uplifted look. In the past, I had always began at the corner of my mouth. Now, thanks to Essie, I have changed where I begin my blush application and it has created a natural lifting of my cheekbones. 

Thank you Essie!

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Lindsey Holder and Essie Cha
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