I have not been able to go on a true vacation. As a vacation was needed, I have to prepare myself not to be physically at my business. I have to re-build the business after COVID, so my physical presence was needed. Right before COVID, I was in such a sweet spot. I was loving my schedule where I was growing the business on the back end. And then, the whole spa shut down, and I had to completely rebuild from scratch. So it has taken definitely over a year to do that now. After I have built the spa to a good word, a good space right now, knock on wood, I knew I needed to go on a vacation

In this podcast, I will be sharing tips on how to prepare your small business while you are away and for you to be able to enjoy your vacation. Enjoy the show!

She shares…..
How to cross-train your staffs
What things to prepare
What software to use
And many more.
Check out these Highlights:
Cross-train your remote and virtual team
Have a password system
Create systems
Have both google docs and videos.
Have someone (a VA or front desk) handle most of your guest feedback
Have your social media and newsletters pre-scheduled

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