O S C A R S …

Who is ready for the Oscars! This year will definitely be different but we can make the most of it with sparkles, apps, and tasty treats!

The best part? Let’s watch all the entertainment in our comfies and Uggs. Oh yes…and the movies are excellent too.

Want to throw a  fun, GOLD glittery Oscar Red Carpet Viewing Party? Enjoy these tips for this year’s Red Carpet moments:

Start your viewing party with simple snacks. Use clear containers to showcase the goodies. Make it easy on yourself and grab some Pecan pralines and Cinnamon apple crisps. Also accommodate with bleu cheese stuffed olives, hummus, and veggies with an elegant cracker of choice.

A special occasion deserves special treats. For the main grazing portion, serve mini chicken and waffles. Chic-fil-A [a popular southern chicken destination] now offers a 30 count chicken bowl for $10. Toast mini waffles and use a chalkboard flag to hold them together. Write the names of the Oscar movie nominations on the tags for fun. Offer small sides of maple syrup (or fiber syrup for a lower sugar alternative ) as a sweet condiment. What else is on the menu? I am using this Apricot Brie slow cooker recipe, served with apples & petite crisp rounds. In addition, another mini crock-pot will have spinach artichoke dip as another delicious filler. Decorate in style with mini Oscars [found at my local $1 store], gold nugget trinkets, chalkboard toothpicks, and striped gold napkins found at Target. Chocolate covered Strawberries with edible drawn on gold tuxedos will be the ultimate finishing touch on their plate of gold.

For dessert, serve chocolate salted caramel brownies, Greek yogurt ice cream, and drizzle gold glitter crystals on top. For an extra touch, serve salted caramel macarons to compliment the brownie and ice cream nicely.

Sip in style with Pomegranate sparklers. Add 1 ounce of Real Pomegranate juice to Sparkling Iced Black Raspberry. Add a few pomegranate seeds if desired & top with gold striped themed straw from Target. Mildly wet the rim of the top of glass [I adore these gold striped milk inspired jar glasses from Target] and dip the tops into edible gold glitter crystals from Hobby Lobby. Gold coins above pictures from Target and gold OSCAR letters from Hobby Lobby.

Enjoy and now you are officially OSCAR ready.