Hi everyone, hope you are doing well this week! I’m really excited to share some of the tools I use to keep me going on all the social platforms.

Ok, let’s face it. Apps make it easier. I use an app for about everything, and getting my social media in gear is definitely one of them. Whether I use them or my VA’s do, I love apps as they can be easy to work with and also keep your branding on point. 

Here are a few apps and systems to share to keep your team running smoothly and more productive.

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Show Highlights:


  • Jilly Harris presets: Enjoy this Secret code JUST for you listeners!!

 It is valid now for 10% off the presets and can be used one time per customer.


I am SO thankful for these presets! I have admired Jillian Harris’s Instagram feed for years and always tried to perfect her bright,crisp white lighting in all my pictures but could never QUITE get it! Then her presets came! I probably was the first one to buy them as I jumped all over them when they came out! This makes it SOO much easier to pop in a pic, click on the filter that looks good and be done with it. I am NOT a professional photographer, so I NEED a preset. Period. 

  • After my preset looks good, I download the edited image to my phone and then use AFTERLIGHT to crop my images to fit that Square frame for Instagram. After that I put a white frame around them, I like a 25 border measurement around my image.
  • Spacie : This little app makes it so much easier to edit those annoying line breaks in Instagram. There are other apps out there that help with the content breaking up into easy to read, simple lines but so far this one has been working great. I like to type out my content since it’s faster. I will type out the content in Evernote on my computer, then copy the Evernote info.fFrom my phone, pop it into Spacie, hit Convert then paste it into Instagram. Whew! No wonder I only post 1-2 times a week. It can be so much work! Well, at least this app is helpful.
  • Planoly : I have used planoly for over two years now to plan out my content grid. I like to be able to preview what the feed is going to look like and have been satisfied with it. Also, you can toggle between accounts which is a plus. They have both paid and non paid options to use in Planoly.
  • Kira Kira: If you need to SPARKLE up your stories, try Kira Kira. I particularly like using it when showing my skincare to give it that dreamy, glowy, sparkly effect. They have different types of sparkle effects and you can control how much or little you would like. You can do both a still image or a video. I use these for my Instagram stories, but you could also use them for your posts as well.
  • Her Creative Studio for Styled stock images. Using original images is great and I often do that, but having stocked images is essential for businesses pumping out a lot of content. So the graphic used for this podcast episode was a styled stock image. They also have different subscription options to choose from.
  • Styled Stock Society-this is another great resource for styled photography. New Images are downloaded constantly and you have a different vibe from the other. I used their image on my back acne podcast, which fit the topic perfectly.
  • Unfold. It’s hard to beat the simplicity and ease of the Unfold app. Pop a picture in one of their templates and it gives it a clean, modern vibe in seconds. You can also use it for videos as well. They have both free and paid versions and the possibilities are endless. I like to have a lot of white in my stories, so if there are other colors that are not in line with my aesthetic, I will select a white frame to put around the image and it brightens up the story. 
  • Now for videos, Inshot is my go-to . I use this all the time. It’s great for both stories and posts. I even use it for Facebook ads. An insider tip is using it to brighten up your videos. They have a great filter option inside the app and it is easy to brighten up a dull, dark video that otherwise isn’t’ very flattering or brand-friendly. If you need to add music, they have some options you can use or you can easily download a song as well after you purchase it. There are really so many things you can do to the video, including speeding up the video, slowing it down when you need it, cutting pieces out, and duplicating the video if desired. 
  • Music, check out AudioJungle. I found the music for this Podcast on AudioJungle and they have a ton to choose from. Any music you can think of, they have it. You can also decide how much you want to spend on the music as well so whatever your budget is it can work for you.
  • Headliner app for making easy audiograms for podcasts to share on social platforms.
  • Creative Market.com  for fonts for my blog, etc, and also upload these purchased fonts into Canva. Sooo many things here: Photos, Product Mockups, vector graphics, Shopify themes, Instagram templates, web themes, you name it

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