Are you a small business owner and just reopened your business after Covid? Are you an owner who is about to open? On this episode, I wanted to have an open and honest look at what it was really like the first few weeks after opening my spa. 

In such a challenging unprecedented time, it is important to understand there will be different opinions and viewpoints on how a business opens and their protocols. There will also be a variety of challenges you may have not thought about before. Creating and tweaking your systems will be of vital importance during  this time. Let me walk you through a few scenarios on what I have learned and how you can grow and restructure your business after Covid.

Show Highlights:

  • What impact has Covid had on the business?
  • Should you increase your services? Consider these points on why you may have to
  • What  new policies are you putting in place for your business?
  • How to handle a variety of different clients and opinions
  • Examples of how to restructure during this time
  • Is this emotionally going to take a toll on yourself as an owner?
  • What procedures to put in place to protect yourself and your team
  • How to handle negative feedback after opening
  • Where to find protocols on reopening
  • Examples of pivoting your business

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