-My office looks a lot different these days. From taking zoom calls, google hangout meetings and everything virtual possible, it can be overwhelming at times. I absolutely love my inside home office I redid this past year, but  now that the weather is getting warmer and the beautiful summer season is here I am taking advantage of being outside. 

Welcome to my  office outdoor headquarters, porch style. With a few simple tips, you can transform your outdoor space into an office oasis, listening to the birds and nature calls in between your conference calls.

A few tweaks I recommend to spruce up your outdoor porch workspace:

-Add a jute rug on top of any existing floor for a layered effect and  it also makes it more comfortable to walk on barefoot.

-Find a table and chair set that is versatile. I like an extended teak style like this one, so I can add chairs and lift the table up when I need them.

-Turn your table at an angle on your porch instead of straight to mix it up and have a different feel.

-Let’s cozy up that table! Add a table runner and style it across the edge. Layer on top of the runner potted plants and small votive candles to warm it up. To really make it unique, add fragrant herbs as rosemary or sage and specialty plants like lavender and it will smell amazing all day long.

-Include an area that is for you with spa water (this spa owner always has the spa in mind) and healthy snacks nearby to curb that work day hunger. Use for “special” glasses to make a fun lunchtime mock tail to treat yourself mid day.

-Add thick cushions for your chair backs and bring a blanket outdoors to wrap around you when it gets chilly, especially in the am. Wrapping a blanket around me also just makes me feel so comfy and like I am having a self care moment while I work!

-Ok, this is the fun part: Lighting! Add some bold and beautiful hanging lights around the porch and yes I even have mine lit during the day. You can’t have enough sparkles or lighting in my opinion.

-When the afternoon heats up, turn on the overhead fan and enjoy a cool breeze to pretend you are at the beach. Just remember to turn them off before that next Zoom call:)

To help you get started, here are a few of my favorite things below.  Tag me on Insta to show me your Work Flow Outdoors and cheers to getting inspired!



It’s the little things that really made this space come to life!

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your outdoor space, here are some of my favorites from my friends at Wayfair: 

1.     Charcoal Grills

2.     Sheds

3.     Composters

4.     Deck Lights

5.     Flood Lights

6.     Ceiling Lights

7.     Large Outdoor Planters

8.     Outdoor Bistro Tables

9.     Patio Side Tables

10.  Picnic Tables

11.  Patio Coffee Tables

12.  Trampolines

Other trending categories right now (for both inside and out): Queen mattresses, washer and dryer sets, wood bed frames, full-length mirrors, wine refrigerators, the Sunsetter brand (especially their awnings), and smokers.