Work Day Home Essentials

Let’s talk about EFFICIENCY!

Your day is busy, busy, busy so the last thing you need are products that are not tested out, slow and hard to work. 

The easy, the better, right ? Push a button and the product has done what it’s supposed to. 



 I went through my home and wanted to give you specific items I use almost daily

1- Tea Time: The afternoon is here and you need a fix of something good. You are exhausted from all the work and just the thought of having a mini tea time with the kettle heating up and brewing goodness will help you muster through that work week. This tea kettle has been my go to for these reasons: 

a)its inexpensive

b) its heats up really HOT and super super fast

c) You can see exactly how much water is in it. I don’t have time to figure how much is in the kettle each time so this way its a no brainer. It has different colors but I usually just keep it to clear. 

2- No way do I have time to eat all my daily veggies, so let’s drink them instead:) Smoothie time usually happens right or before tea time. It’s nice to mix a hot drink and then a cold one! I’ve had other blenders but this one really does make my life so much easier as its SOO fast! Love the option to blend a single or the whole thing. GREAT for making soups (love a good cauliflower soup) or Strawberry banana smoothie. Great price point also.


3- No time to hand mix that collagen in! As an Esthetician and spa owner, two scoops of collagen are always in my coffee. A frother makes your world sooo much easier. I actually have a different one than this one and chose this one specifically bc it has a stand, multiple options but most importantly it charges via USB. The one I have is battery operated and its annoying switching out those batteries. So much easier just to charge it and be done.The decorative coffee pics are a bonus.

4- Yes, I have a fancy Cuisinart machine. But for years this single EAST, FAST coffee maker has been my go to. So inexpensive and coffee is ready in literally minutes. My last one lasted about 3 years and loved it so much got enough one. It sits in front of my Cuisinart:)



 5- Networking event? Conference? Lunch meeting? An entrepreneurs life is so busy, there is ZERO time to deal with wrinkles. After several failed steamers, this is my go time. Super small, portable, and easy. Inexpensive. Put the water in, plug it up and done. Enough said. And it actually works

6- Forget getting that bulky vacuum out, I GRAB this favorite Dustbuster of mine and suck up all those crumbs fast. Great to use also on the bathroom floor, getting all of that hair after you brush that accumulates. I sit this on top of my washing machine and its always charged. 

7 & 8- Knock out your teeth game with this duo. I was introduced to a water flosser by my husband and have been hooked ever since. Its so much more efficient that using floss. I love using it in the shower so the water can go wherever. I also like to brush my teeth in the shower whenever possible with those night time showers. Originally I bought a fancy toothbrush with all the bells and whistles and no need for that. This one is awesome as it is super simple AND the best part is it has a TOP on it! Don’t get me started on all the icky germs floating around in the bathroom and landing on your tooth brush. No thank you. This one sterilizes your toothbrush at the same time. A WIN WIN. 


Let me know your favorites and get ready to SAVE some time on your Workflow after having these handy Work Day Essentials nearby. And if you like to stay organized, well I’ve got that covered also.

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