It’s been a long time coming and I am so excited to reveal my new office!

We moved into our house a couple of years ago and I knew the first room I wanted to have re-designed was my office. 

Mainly running my spa and brand Lindsey Holder from home, I wanted a space that inspired me, was inviting, was branded (of course!) as well as functional and organized. 

Some days I am styling a new skincare piece to photograph and others I am filing an HR document, so functionality was essential. However, I did not want to sacrifice style, so I knew I needed a little help. In came my Interior Designer, Annie Spano to the rescue! 

It was so easy working with Annie, and giving me options from Wayfair that were beautiful and were cost friendly. Annie and I worked on the project long distance (we both live in the Carolinas), via facetime, googledocs and texts. 


Can you spot my little gold trash can

This golden bookshelf adds the perfect touch of luxury to my office space! And this rug softens the hardwood floors.

We selected a color palette and away we went! For starters, this gold modern accent circle mirror from Wayfair POPS when you walk into the room! It brings the room “full circle”, adding a bold focal point with this gold foiled finished piece.

I also wanted a cozy studio space for both my PODCAST and to display my daily items for photographing.

Having this cozy faux area rug made the biggest different in this space! It brightened up the area and the plush feel has me walking barefoot all day. This petite faux marble and gold side table  with this feminine Hydrangea and rose petal arrangement not only fits well into the space but looks amazing when we film the show!

My work space needed to be simple, clean and functional. Annie first had me do the most important thing when redesigning a space: de-cluttering. It was tough as YEARS of items had been accumulated, but going through every item one by one makes me feel incredibly organized now. My advice is to take it slow and divide your time into sections. One night I would go through one set of files, another a set of receipts, labeling items, etc. I had a pile for items to sell, items to file and a massive pile I sent off to be shredded. 


This small desk and shelving spaces did just the trick. Annie gave me a couple of “working” boxes on top I could hide all my items in that I was working on, but keeping them from view for a clear, uncluttered look. My engagement picture was actually on the other side of the room when you first walked in. We moved it to the other side and it really give the wall that “WOW” factor having the picture fit well in that space. 

The last touch was bringing in the perfect accessory to light up the room. It was important to have both my white and gold tones pulled together, and this table lamp did just that. The price was incredible also, allowing me to have room for the cozy plush faux cow rug and side console table above.

I love a no stress flower arrangment! The perfect thing to dress up my side table

A few pointers for your office refresh:

1) Select your preferred colors and  finish (gold, brass, chrome, etc.). Find inspiration via Wayfair, Pinterest or those late night Instagram scrolls. Start a Inspo design board that you can reference to stay on track.

2) Take everything out. I literally took every single item out of my file cabinets and closet. Oh. my goodness that was a lot! I had all of my Christmas gift wrapping paper and gift bags stacked in my office closet and Annie had me move those to another closet.  Only office items are now in the office.

3) Shred it. If you don’t need it, recycle or shred all of those old papers. And if you still need them but only for emergencies (ex.)audits, old taxes, etc.-store them and put them in the attic. 

4) Spark Joy. Yes, I said it. Spark some joy with the new items  you get! Every purchase should be both functional and fit with your new theme. It should also just put a SMILE on your face when you walk into the room! Renovating is a lot of work, but in the end it is worth it for the daily reward you get in your new beautiful, crafted space. 

Any renovation ideas or questions? Let me know!

A special thank you to Interior Designer, Annie Spano for working with me and designing this beautiful space. It is always a pleasure. 

Also, thank you to Wayfair, for being apart of my new magical space. 

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