For all the busy entrepreneurs out there, these are the apps, websites and software systems that I use daily to keep me on track in business and in life!

The organizational tools, apps and software I use to keep this busy entrepreneur on track in life and business: Hubdoc, Lightroom, Plaonly, Canva, Evernote, Her Creative Studio, Jillian Harris Presets, Calm App, GSuite, 1Password, Creative Market

1 Hub Doc : My talented book keepers started me on this platform. And now I am hooked! It keeps all of your files in one place to communicate for accounting and book keeping. The absolute BEST feature? Snap a picture of your receipt, e-mail it to your account and done! It uploads the receipt and you never have to sort through all those paper receipts to find that missing one you knew you had! Also, your bookkeepers can view the receipt and apply it to the appropriate category and you can write in the e-mail what it’s for. Talk about efficient.

2 Lightroom : I do not have time to do a ton of photo editing. I head straight to lightroom and then go to my Jillian Harris presets (see #7 on the list below on my favorites). Apply the preset and off we go! Need a border on your picture? I use Afterlight and put a frame around it to bring out a POP of white around my photos.

3 Planoly : Schedule it and be done! Planoly allows to view your Instagram feed in one swoop-you can view what has already been posted, what is about to to post and future planned posts.

4 Canva : Need a LinkedIN banner? Facebook header?Instagram story highlights made?; Event poster? Head straight to Canva. When I need something that doesn’t require a graphic artist, Canva is a QUICK and easy way to pop in a picture, add some text (see my TIP on #11 below) and have your image look like it was made my a professional in a few minutes flat.

5 Evernote : Evernote has been a apart of my organizational life for years. For some items I use my “notes” section on my iphone but when I really need to categorize a variety of items, it really is my go to. A convenient feature is that I can use anywhere on either my desktop or my phone. I categorize everything from blog posts ideas, picture ideas, spa conferences I want to attend, to questions for my next appt. at my dermatologist.

6 Her Creative Studio : See this trendy leopard clutch in this picture? Sometimes you will not have time for a photographer so this site is my absolute favorite for stunning pictures that are still feminine yet have that office vibe as well. I found this through the Style Collective Group I am in and I purchased the six month subscription which will give you more content that you can possibly use. It really is a game changer. Pop one of these pics in Canva and you are set!

7 Jillian Harris Presets Ahhh..Jilly! Thank YOU for making these presets! I cannot tell you how this has changed my frustration out of editing pictures. Don’t tell her, but I would honestly pay whatever price for these as they really are that amazing. I have tried other presets and they just don’t compare with the BRIGHT, crispness that I am trying to get across. Truly my favorite and HUGE time-saver-huge!

8 Calm App : Need to RELAX ? Calm it time. I tried a few “meditation apps” and they didnt’ work for me. This one did. I put in my airpods and this app really does just that-CALMS me. They have music tracks, stories my well known artists, meditation series to choose from and so much more. It was pretty pricey (around $65 a year) but for me well worth it. I have never paid that much for an app before and don’t regret it.

9 Gsuite : I am obsessed. I use this EVERY day, ALL day. Google drive is my jam. EVERYTHING is organized and I can get to it fast. I have multiple e-mails and able to go between the two to access a google pic, google doc or google spreadsheet easily. It is the absolute best way my team communicates quickly and efficiently. Our workflow has been amazing with this service. It costs $10 per user and well worth it. We use it from social media planning, event marketing, budgets, to team pictures and even our team meetings. I don’t know how I lived without out it. Well, actually I do…very frustrated!

10 1 Password : Stop those paper books filled with your passwords and head straight to this amazing time saving password keeper. I use BOTH for my teams and personal. I can instantly access my passwords but ALSO change them immediately without scrambling try to find it. It is also nice to be able to access them anywhere via my phone or computer. I admit before using this feature a couple of years ago, I embarrassingly would carry a little book around with everything in it. I mean, how ridiculous was that? OH! and one more thing! If have multiple accounts, save one account IN the 1password account so you can toggle easily between the two. Actually two more things: I also add notes I like as well. So sometimes I will create an account that I don’t a password in there but need to store notes on something. That is really great also.

11 Creative Market : My latest and greatest find featured last. Need instagram story templates? I found mine here. New fonts for your website? Ditto. Upload them into Canva and off you go again to create that swoon worthy ad. A graphic artist told me about this and I had to control myself to not buy everything in there! It’s all so pretty! So go in with a deep breathe and stay focused to find exactly what you need. And it will be there. Tip: Make sure to read the compatibility options. I do not have Adobe photoshop so I need it to be compatible with Canva.

What Organizational Tools do you have to share? I cannot WAIT to hear about them?