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Good morning! Let’s get ready.

Is your morning like an airplane taking off-lots going on and full speed? Mine sure is- my goal is to have this epic quiet morning like other people with meditation and “me time” for 10 minutes-but they must not own a brick and mortar. Different story as my spa doors open no.matter.what.

That means, in the mornings, I am one hurried lady and have a very quick make-up routine but I also have to look put together as I am an Esthetician-so my skin literally sells my service. So you better believe I take care of it and use products that work the best for my skin.

Here are my current go-to’s for that QUICK, five minute routine.

p.s. this is make-up, not skincare-so my skincare would add another 5-8 minutes on top of this.

  1. Toner : I typically alternate between a toner that either has rose or lavender in it. Either spritz on gently or use a pre-moistened cotton round or my favorite soft fiber blend silken wipes (I like these here), spritz and apply. Ph balance and hydrate that skin prior to make-up!
  2. Sunscreen : I have used glo skin beauty sunscreen for over three years now. It glides on smoothly, has great coverage and doesn’t make me feel as if I have sunscreen all over my face.
  3. Primer : Dimethicone has been doing a number on my skin lately, so I tried several that did not have silicone in them, and really enjoy this coconut water infused one, which is also FREE of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and vegan.
  4. Tinted Moisturizer : My GO-TO! I rarely leave home without this one. Tip: Add just a drop of your moisturizer for a smooth application. Need to layer? No problem. Wait a couple of minutes in between and do a second light layer for more coverage. Second tip: In between colors? Get both a light and medium color. Do half a drop of both and blend together. My tip for when I get an airbrush spray tan.
  5. Concealer/Camouflage : I add this AFTER I put on my tinted moisturizer to my under eyes (use the dark layer first THEN the lighter layer), on my eyelids, blemishes, bottom sides of nose for red areas.
  6. Stila Convertible Color : Creamy blush for me please! I always add a creamy layer of blush first. Its fresh, glowy and makes your cheeks POP! I am a pink girl, but they have peachy and bronzy shades also. I apply with my fingertips. Going out? Then add your powder right on top to enrich the color.
  7. Brows and Highlighter :This is my FAST, QUICK go to kit! In a hurry? This is your must-have for three things! There is a little brush in the kit. Swipe over your eyelids the first two colors for the most neutral yet highlighted BRIGHT eyes! Use the other side of the brush and color in your brows with the darker shade. Then use the tip for a brown quick eyeliner. Use a separate brush and dip it in the highlighter again and apply to inner corners of eyes, a dab down the bridge of your nose, right under your nose in between your lips and nose and on your cheek temples for a HIGHLIGHT pop!
  8. Mascara : LONG, thick lashes. My must have. Going out? Re-moisten with a dab of oil with your fingertips and apply a second coat.
  9. Lips & Lip Balm : I have used this NARS liner for over a good five years. I have tried everything. Yes, even the “best nude ” lipstick by you know who. This one just matches my lips and I can’t get enough of the thickness of the stick. I am one that has to REALLY line my lips and get them thick so I cannot handle a thin liner. You can brighten this one up with a pink lipstick over or add this Laneige lip mask we all have seen over Insta and it really does do an amazing job!
  10. Pixie Setting Spray : SET IT IN. I have no time for re-application so spritz this Pixie spray on my sweet friend and make-up maven Cindy McGrath told me about and get to setting that spray.

Afternoon touch ups: Super Goop SPF setting spray : Heading out in the sun that afternoon? Respray and get sun protection at the same time with this light and airy supergoop. Picked it up at Anthropology on a whim and ended up loving it as a staple in my make-up bag.

Any ones that you love? Share with us below so everyone can check them out and enjoy these sunscreen options while you are at it!