Owning a business means I have to be on the top of my game and always prepared for what the day may bring. My list on a few of the gadgets and accessories that keep me on point!

1. A large backpack to keep all of my gadgets and personal items with me is ideal when flying or traveling, but I also bring a small one that is easy to  carry and functional. Of course Kate Spade has the best back pack to keep all of my things and still be stylish. I typically end up carrying this one to dinner also and swing one strap over my shoulder.
2. My spa uses this system and I also have one at home. It keeps myself, my team and clients uplifted and inspired. When at home I also play my favorite podcasts as well. My favorite way to listen is with this West Elm Sonos PLAY Wireless speaker.
3. I am constantly on the phone between the blog and my spa so I always need a charge and the Mohpie Juice Pack Air battery phone case is an absolute life saver, it can give up to 27 hours of charge: GAMECHANGER!
4. A popsocket is great to add to my phone for taking the perfect instagram photos and to prop my phone while scrolling through my day’s emails. While in the car, I pop it into their handy popsocket holder while on the go.
5. Whether I am running off to a meeting at my local Chamber or errands during the day these Bose Quiet control wireless headphones are the best way to be hands free while running around and taking calls throughout the office.
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