Bundled up inside this winter is always fun, but  getting out there and enjoying some Winter Activities for date night is even better! As a busy business owner, I am always looking for fun ways to connect with my sweetikens and have fun while doing it. A few of my favorite ideas for date night are below. And a special thank you to my fiance for braving these pics for his style bloggin’ lady!


Having not skated for years, this one was a learning curve but so much fun. I forgot what a workout ice skating was! Be prepared to burn some calories while whirling around the rink. Thank goodness I had a sturdy arm to hold on to, or these would have been a different set of pictures on the ice! In my neck of the woods, the skating prices were about $8 per person and skate rentals $3 each so overall an inexpensive outing with fun memories to take home.





A good ‘ol movie night is nice when it is raining outside or a mellow night is needed altogether. Red box and Netflix are options, but heading to the actual movie theatre still can’t be beat. I  like to make sure it is something we are both are interested in seeing. We usually watch a preview together on the Fandago app and “yay” or “nay” it together before going to see one. Last movie we saw was the new Star Wars.




Get silly and be a kid again. Luckily, we went later in the night so were almost the only ones jumping. I admit, the obstacle course and just having fun jumping around made for a great time. One of the jumpy things had a basketball net so we played a little one on one. It is also great cardio so no need to work out prior. I will not tell my 4 old year nephew I went here without him and before his birthday!



When Jeffrey and I started dating, I quickly went to Target and picked up some games. Having some easy, inexpensive fun games is a great way to spend time with one another and not have to have a huge night planned. It is great for those mid week times when you are exhausted from work but also need to have quality time together. Those game times are some of my favorite times, as my goofy side definately came out and I got to hear his great laugh. I also was able to carry some of the very easy games on the go so when visiting him I always had an activity literally in my tote! Some easy games I have are Uno, Hang Man, Table topics (learned about this from my small group and LOVE it!), Bananagrams, Decipher and Trivial Pursuit.




Hiking in the winter beats the summer for me. I am not a huge hiker, so when Jeffrey wants to go it is nice when the weather is cooler. Go somewhere off the beaten path and getting out in nature allows the opportunity to bond and enjoy what is out there. Every time I go, I always feel refreshed and glad I went.

New Years Eve 2016 023

*Happy Winter Date Nights and Reconnect with your Loved One often. Looking forward to finding some Spring Time options next*