Well hello there January! Just getting out of our wintery  “snowmaggedon” storm in the south, It is hard to believe this weekend I will be in 70 degrees temps in Charleston.

This weekend I am crossing off one of my bucket list items I have wanted to do for a long time and now just able to. Stay tuned to see what that adventure was!What is on your bucket list this year? Having unfortunately experienced several family passing’s around me this year has opened my eyes on how short and precious our time is. Excited to give it my ALL, LAUNCH forward and enjoy the ride along the way. So stay tuned for what was on my list and I am eager to hear what is on YOURS.

As a business owner, traveling also gives me the privilege of finding other places for ideas and inspiration to bring back to the business. It reminds me on how it feels to be a customer on the opposite side of the counter, what it feels like to receive good to exceptional service. One tip I love to do is use my Shazam app in trendy restaurants and spas. Any groovy new music I like, I shazam it and add it to my spa’s playlist for the lobby or treatment rooms. Having unique music found around the world keeps my business ahead of the game.

On the travel side, traveling in style and comfort is essential to a smooth sailing trip. Several go to brands of mine include  Exofficio for travel friendly dresses and coats, Clarks shoes to walk long a day’s worth and Baggalini to tote my accessories in and overnight essentials. Shop below for those and similar items. Stay tuned for my adventure filled weekend in Charleston.











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