Passion and success go hand in hand. What does that mean? If you have a deep passion, you will dive further and be willing to lose more than if you did not have any emotional investment. Passion for an entrepreneur can easily mean sacrifices on all levels, taking away all the comforts one has with a steady occupation. The willingness to keep going when something is not working, fixing a problem over and over, giving it all you have “just that once more”, thinking outside the box to build something that seems impossible is a drop  in the bucket for a true Entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, the rewards can outweigh the costs any day.  Having a passion for anything that you have built from scratch means you are THERE. You are IN IT.  Your gloves are on and you are ok getting dirty in those trenches. Years after you have been through every scenario, your battle wounds are mere scratches. Passion drives you to be the BEST in your field, the best leader, the best pursuer and NO one has to motivate you. You are Self motivated.

So, what are YOUR passions? What is driving you to the core? One of my mine is to help others with their small business. I LOVE it. Conquering challenges, figuring out the missing pieces and ways to get ahead, thinking outside the box and mastering obstacles are exciting to me. I have always been a proponent of two heads are better than one! Sometimes it helps bouncing off ideas to another business mind and talking out loud. So get out there this week and tackle those dreams…they aren’t going to be built themselves.



When Passion plays out with client feedback, that is the best motivator!


Cool, crisp weather is starting to roll in.  I am also passionate about enjoying life and  the fruits of my labor!

Grabbing a fresh bag of Pumpkin Spiced coffee the other night has really got me in the mood for the upcoming season. As the season changes, I get excited for what’s coming up next… both personal and professionally. Pumpkin patches, apple cider, spiced doughnuts & popcorn, fairs and festivals, movies in the park, maybe trying out camping for the first time and chasing around my niece and nephew. Enjoying the season personally spills over to my professional life and allows my happiness & energy to connect with my clients and guests. That also is PASSION.

What has you Passionate this season?