On this upcoming HOLIDAY weekend, we celebrate this ongoing tradition that started in 1882 to recognize all the American workers of all industries..this includes myself and my amazing team.

Working hard all year also means taking a little time off and giving yourself a good ‘ol pat on the back and saying WELL DONE! Get on those snappy jeans of yours, head to lake, beach, mountains or around your city (or pop in a Netflix) and rejuvenate over this three day luxurious weekend. I’m checking out our local State Fair, which haven’t done since I was a little one.  How are you relaxing, treating yourself & spending your Labor Day?




After this Holiday weekend, look straight towards your Bright future! I know you will have your share of obstacles, challenges, band-aid moments, oh my goodness I can’t believe that! shenanigans but keep in there for along the ride. This small business gal has had her share of bruises, let downs, failings and hurts. On the other hand, I have had extreme breakthroughs, blessings, over-comings, success and triumphs. How grateful I am for the knockdowns as boy is this exfoliated skin tough. So go grab YOUR future. ANYTHING worth amazing is extremely exhausting to obtain. But oh boy is it worth it. What ONE step can you do today to head toward your future?



MM Mark cuban

The one thing I do consistently is ask both my team and my clients questions, advice and feedback. I admit 1000% I do not have all the answers and would not be able to achieve my goals without their help. My team inspires me to keep growing and will give feedback and suggestions on an area I would not have thought of. My clients also push me to keep me at my best, giving honest feedback and always want my business to succeed. As we push forward don’t forget to LISTEN along the way. I have found a lot of the times the answers were right beside you the whole time. lobby acox

This LABOR DAY it is an honor to look out the window of the spa it took me 7 years to build, grow and sustain. Not an easy feat. I’ve learned that you have to take risks, stay humble, work countless hours, constantly learn, understand that talent and business are two separate things, keep growing, stay in the know, listen to your clients, cherish your team and realize how LUCKY I am to be able to go into my favorite place each day. I give each day my all and I love opening that door every day! This Labor gal is taking today off and relaxing! I hope you take today off, reflect on the fruits of your labor and get ready to work your tail off again tomorrow!


Happy LABOR DAY! We’ve earned it!