Who is Stepping out and walking towards their DREAMS today? Remember, achieving your dreams requires goal setting, hard work and determination. I am a Dreamer but most importantly…a DOER. A great tip to reach those out of the box extra amazing dreams? ANNOUNCE them. YES! Tell everyone you are going to do it. It makes you accountable. The more you announce your dreams and the more people see you actually DO your dream you are creating TRUST. My team hears me announce a plan, a goal a dream but do not see it right away. But they DO see me chip away at it piece by piece. It can come along in a couple of weeks a couple of months or even a year or two away. The larger the dream, the longer it takes. Do not let something that may take longer than expected prevent you from sharing.




Dolly P is my kinda business lady! She thought outside of the box and did not stop at  her music. She knew her creativity could reach all types of markets. From film, to producing, theme parks and even her latest hotel (which I loved when visited a while back) has her sparkles all over it. I own a spa and am also writing a Christian dating book? Yep! My creativity is not limited, it overflows into all areas of my life. What would you like to create and accomplish in your life? Just do it and show us what you got! XX

MM dolly parton

Hippity Hop let’s get motivated! Who’s ready to climb out from behind their desk and get moving! I’m ready to mix some R & R with catching up on some productivity also. This weekend I hope to rest while enjoying some beloved pool time and float, I mean Swim those laps! As an owner, I admit my weekends are never completely off but I DO take much needed time to  spend with my friends and fam. Last weekend I watched the latest Jason Bourne flick, tried a new Brazilian AND Greek restaurant and enjoyed my city. Looking forward to exploring some more this weekend! What are you doing this weekend to step out into your city?