Friday Favorites:

Behind the Scenes on how I create those SAVVY posts, finish your summer with this quick excellent read, enjoy these stylish baubles & MOTIVATION for this Friday Favorites edition

Behind The Scenes

BEHIND THE SCENES MOTIVATION! This one is for all the bloggers & Instagrammers creating those gorgeous perfectly positioned pics out there! Here is a behind the scenes shot of how my photo shoots really look! I have limited time with my photographer so come in like a tornado. Literally, I lay all of my items in a disorganized chaos just so I can see them in view. A quick run down of a few shots I need to get always makes me feel overwhelmed at the process. Here is to all the ones out there with those beautiful shots we love to give our fans and followers! I appreciate all you do and know first hand how hard it was to get that perfectly posed tassle crossbody, lavendar latte, off the shoulder layout, latest seasonal trends look. My real life shots are hysterical, my hair is a mess and disheveled, lipstick is on my teeth, spanx is underneath what I’m wearing ( I always tell my photographer to watch my rolls and my hair!) and I go through a TON of shots just to get that somewhat decent pic that barely makes the cut on Instagram. Then I post it after all my effort and in my feed a far more better one pops up right after it. A thinner, longer haired halo braided, perfectly posed model shows up with the ideal scenery and her Celine bag blows my Target one out of the water. It is in that moment that my security and faith has to shine through and skin get tough. I have to believe in myself, be proud of my creativity and  find my voice. What message do I want to get across is always on my mind, even if it is sharing my favorite lip gloss. But most of all,I have to be ME and remember I am authentic and stop the comparisons. So cheers to an AMAZING MOTIVATION! Life is full of different perspectives and glamorized shots…enjoy being YOU and appreciate the beauty you create! Now go and get ready to style that Cold ( I mean hot) chai Tea in your pajamas at noon and get that lighting just right! XX


Simple and Sweet. Sharing fun beach ready earrings that get me in the weekend mood any time! This anytime beach gal fell head over heels with these pairings. When wearing a fun set like these pineapple dangles and starfish wonders, a simple T or black dress makes them stand out. Having a themed type earring makes an ordinary outfit soon become a conversational piece. What out of the box fun pieces do you suggest this summer?


I am soo HAPPY to be sharing my Friday Favorites…another summa book for you all!! Wrapping up my Christian dating book, you would not believe how many other books I read to make sure I was doing this one justice. Another one of my favorites included this guy…”The Sacred Search” by Gary Thomas. Such a very cool point of view of making a wise choice in marriage to serve out your purpose in a faith driven way. Lots of nuggets of gold and awesome sauce in this one! What books can you recommend on this first weekend of August? Will you be reading by the beach, at the pool, in the hammock, at the lake or in the mountains? I hope at least one of those options… XX

leadership quote

Straight off my leadership course, it reminds me of what TRUE leadership is. It is not going in with an attitude of how awesome you are. It is leading every day with “How Can I SERVE” better? A servant’s heart is biblical for a reason [Luke 22:24-30] and will better serve you also. Walking with both humbleness and confidence is a fine art. The ability to learn & lead not only up, but along side you and down[(learned from my class @gracechurchsc] is a skill practiced daily. As a leader, you will need to respectfully serve your team and staff, serve your clients and serve your co-workers. It takes effort, agility and grace. You are always, always being watched as a leader. Do not take that lightly. It is both an honor and a huge responsibility. Yes, you will fail countless times, but bounce right back up, admit your errors [I admit my mistakes freely AND frequently] and let your team know you are there for them.