Best Sunscreens

As an Esthetician, sunscreen is a daily ingredient in my skin care routine. For daily use, I use a tinted moisturizer that contains SPF as my first step. During other sun yielding moments, including walking around my neighborhood to keep healthy, a good sunscreen is essential.

Even though the prime time for damaging ray’s is between 10am-2pm, you will typically find me in a brimmed hat and layered sunscreen in any bright shielding moment. A general rule of thumb is if the sun ray’s shadow is shorter than you are, seek shade. We all know about the dangers of sun cancer, but also know sun damage is one of the first signs of skin aging [yikes!] Wehether I am heading to unwind on vacay, attending a conference [I just returned from one in the sunny city of Florida] or chasing my niece & nephew in the pool, a great brimmed hat & sunscreen are always on my list. Here are a few I enjoy:

1. You know I love Glotherapeutics, and this sunscreen is at the top of my list. It’s oil-free ,SPF 40+, has nourishing hydrators and excellent antioxidants for your skin. Not only do I use this one personally everyday, I encourage my Esthetic clients at my spa to use it also.
2. The Sunforgettable brush is fantastic. This convenient brush dispenses water-resistant SPF 50 sunscreen as a powder that can be worn over your make up! Another plus…it has vital minerals for your skin such as seaweed extract to help firm your skin. When in a rush, this is the sunscreen you will want to revert to. The mineral powder creates an instant shield, so no soaking in time necessary. Another trick? I use mineral powder over hands prior to having my shellac nail polish sealed in the UV lamp at my spa’s nail bar.
3. COOLA is a SPF 50 that provides 80 minutes of water-resistant protection. COOLA also smells amazing!
4. COTZ Pure is a great healthy option, it’s 100% natural mineral sunscreen which means no added chemicals.
5. Sun Love is another all natural sun protector. One of my Esthetic clients told me about this and gave glowing reviews. The natural ingredients are pretty impressive, and the 18% Zinc Oxide will help provide healthy skin all day long.

Do tell…what are your favorite sunscreens this summer?