Every July 4th we celebrate America, a small business owners dream. A place where if you work hard enough, build it, stay with it you can have a chance of making your dreams come true. Nothing comes easy in life, there is no “secret”. Well, maybe there is. It is called PERSISTENCE.  You really cannot replace hard work, perseverance and dusting yourself off every time you fall and coming back up with a smile and go-getter attitude.

This Holiday I celebrate the freedom of owning a small business, even though it is the hardest job I have ever had [and yes that includes working for three celebrities]. Non-stop decisions, both great and small; being the best leader I can, growing until it hurts, doing what I love and most importantly….making a difference with my gifts and talents.

Wishing you a time of Relaxation & Family Fun Day on my favorite Holiday times. Let’s celebrate this day that you can use your gifts & talents and CREATE what you have always imagined possible.


july 4th


Happy July 4th to all Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Women Leaders & Professionals. Rest up today…we’ve got work to do starting Tuesday!


Happy Independence Day!

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