Meet Vanessa King, the Keen PA to Julianne Moore

From Canadian to now New Yorker, we are thrilled to meet Vanessa King. Let’s dive in to get to know this keen PA, find out where her favorite places to make a stop are when visiting home and what must-haves assist her for a more productive day:

1] How did you become a Personal Assistant to Julianne and did you have prior experience as one?


2]Thanks to Vanesssa I now know what a “canuck” is, was new to that one [For those who did not know like me, a “canuck” is a Canadian]. I would love to visit there one day! When you go back to visit {insert city here}, where is the first place you like to go or do?


3] Julianne is an Artist Ambassador for the Save The Children….. What a wonderful cause. Do you contribute or play a role in that charity or what would you like people to know about the charity {2-3 sentences) and how can others help?

(note: maybe donate or find a local chapter?)


4] What 3-5 things are in your working tote that are must-haves that get you through the day ?

(ex.) I have to have my tone headset for calls, prefer mechanical pencils over pens & just discovered the “tile” app-a little device I add to my keychain and alerts me where my phone is as I’m constantly looking where I left it last!


5] What has helped you be a better PA ? {ex.: could be  joining a PA group, having other PA friends, attending a conference, a new app, a great book,  a mentor, being organized, etc.}


6] Insert into pic: What are 3 fun facts Savvy readers you would like us to know about you?

Vanessa's 3 things you didn't know about me-