6 easy morning tricks

Ready. Set. Go.

Every morning my intention is to get moving and be on time to start my day. It does not always happen, and it is generally when I do not follow my own easy steps below [Yes, even I have to reel myself in]. Every time I do follow these tips I am less rushed and more focused throughout the day. Be prepared for your am with these quick, easy can do steps.


1]Make your coffee the night before.

Sounds easy but every time I talk myself into doing it the morning instead of the night before, I have found those extra minutes really do make a difference. Get in the habit of setting up your coffee while making dinner or prepping your lunch the night before for the next day.

2] Have an easy breakfast.

Having a healthy breakfast is essential to starting your day with success. However,my time is limited in the am so my avocado slices with grapefuit and Kodiak Pancakes are going to have to wait until the weekend [I am obsessed with this protein pancake mix so will eat the leftovers Monday am though!].  I offer myself both options: easy take to work meals and fast in the kitchen.

My friend taught me this trick that makes me have the fastest breakfast ever and still lets me devour my eggs I crave most days: Add eggwhites, a tblsp of cheese, pepper if desired and a splash of milk into a bowl and mix with your fork. Microwave for 1 minute. Fluff the egss and then heat again for about 15 seconds. Eggs ready! No pans. I usually microwave a piece of turkey bacon for 1 minute and a whole wheat tortilla for 10 seconds and there is my amazing fast breakfast burrito in 2 min. 15-30 seconds.

Another option I  frequently use it to make on Sunday: Add eggwhites and cooked Jimmy Dean Sausage crumbles in a bowl [I don’t even measure, just dump it in]. Add frozen tri-colored peppers, mushrooms and cheese. Mix. Put in mini muffin tins and bake 350 for 20-25 min; broil for 1-3 minutes. This are VERY easy to grab and go in the morning and also have as a mid-day snack. When on a super time constraint, I also use Kodiak Cakes Muffin Mix in a Minute Or Quaker Real Medleys oatmeal to heat up in the microwave in a minute[ flavors enjoyed are the Maple or Banana Walnut].


3] Prep your lunch the night[s] before. Not every week am I  able to have my meals prepped. Some days I know I will be traveling or eating out so there is no need. On the days I am working at my office, it is so much easier to have my lunch ready to be pulled out vs. figuring out what I am going to have, if it fits in my calorie tracker, trying to pick it up,etc. I take a good old fashioned insulated lunch bag to work and pack my non- refrigerated snacks the night before [banana, granola bar, etc.] In the am I grab my portioned meal and snacks [love Sabra’s hummus and pretzels pre-portioned snack size].

Need help with food prep? Use a meal delivery service in your area that has portioned out meals that you can grab and go. For example, if you live in LA, check out Steve Moyer Meals. He delivers healthy, portioned meals with snacks for easy calorie tracking and no food prep. He has excellent fitness tips on his Instagram also. Recently, I started using Plated. It delivers my meals on Saturday and each meal allows for two servings [I make on Sunday].

Prefer the grocery store? Grab the ready made soups, salads, pasta salads and sandwiches at your grocery store. Mix and match these all week. For example, this week I grabbed at my grocery store their home made pre-portioned Broccoli Cheddar, Tomato Bisque, Chicken Noodle and Tuscany soups. I am alternating to pair it with half an edamame cranberry salad and half a mozzarella basil sandwich from the store. I grab them in the am and toss it in my lunch bag.Easy. Lunch is done for the week!

4] Pick out multiple outfits the nights before.

You have heard this one many times: pick out your clothes the night before. It never worked for me because I did not know what “mood” I would be in the next day. The key for me was to pick out both a dressy and casual option[usually 2 casual]. Some mornings I had every intention on wearing my bright colored skirt with my ruffled beautiful top. Then I wake up and it is cold, gloomy and raining. That outfit choice goes out the window and my boots, leggings, cozy cardigan and tunic wins that day. If you are too tired to physically pick it out, make a mental image before going out what exactly you will pull. Sometimes I will stare at my closet before bed and pinpoint the top, pants, shoes and jewelry to grab the morning of.

5] Lay out all your supplies that you will need the next day.

For me, this typically includes my water [I carry my 8 a day to know how much water I drink] and my workout clothes. If I am unable to make it to the gym, no biggie. But at least I was prepared and did not have to search for matching workout clothes, shoes, etc. when the clock is ticking in the am.  Keep your lock in your gym back along with an empty water bottle. For music, I always carry my tones in my purse and can listen to them anytime at the gym.

6] Take your shower the night before

I take a shower regardless every night but only wash my hair every other night. It is very time consuming for women to fix their hair, so if you are able,wash and dry it the night before. I love the days I wear my hair in a headband [which is a lot] because those are the am’s I took a shower the night before and it literally shaves off about 30 minutes to my am routine.

7] Create a system in the am

Each am I have the same system and know  10-15 minutes I will be in bed trying to wake up.My alarm goes off and I allow myself to have one snooze time. I admittedly am not a morning person so am not that gal that bounces up ready with a smile. I roll over and open my phone. Then I let myself check the same things everyday: e-mail, social media, weather, my bank account and then read Rick Warren’s Daily Hope message. I get up and turn the coffee on and then play his daily message on my phone. It not only sets the tone for my day, it lasts 20-30 minutes so I know what part of my make-up and hair needs to be done by then. The rest of the time I generally listen to a podcast and then finish the remainder driving to work.

What tips do you have? Connect and share with me your tips through Facebook or Instagram.