8 Interview Tips to Standout (1)

AIM high!

Wanting a New Career Start? To get that stellar position you desire means ACING that interview.

I know first hand what it is like to be in both the Interview AND Interviewee seat.  Personally, I have landed the job for  some of the most coveted positions, including three World Entertainers and a Fortune 500 Executive. On the flip side, I have been responsible for hiring and managing teams within those positions as well as hire and manage my team for my bustling business.

  • How can YOU stand out among competition?
  • What should you do BEFORE the interview?
  • My  one tip to do AFTER the interview?

8 Interview TIPS I have used myself and  look for in others when Interviewing:

1] READ the job description thoroughly &  list those skills in your cover letter

I instantly notice when a candidate reads my job description and specifically addresses one to two things in their cover letter. For example, they will mention they have a certain software experience or talent  mentioned in the description. Stating the skill the employer is looking for shows right of the bat you have attention to detail and are meeting their needs. Remember, that is the KEY reason you are getting hired: To meet a NEED of the company.

Also,  if  the description asks for a portfolio, CREATE one. Amazed by how many candidates overlook that requirement when looking for my next rockstar, it instantly eliminates them from the interview pool. Don’t let a few requirements prevent you from getting that interview.

Side note: If the job description is too vague and does not require that much, then my past experience has been the job will be the same….never challenging, no room for growth, a mediocre leader, etc.

A GREAT leader will require a GREAT interview!

2] How are you standing out from the competition?

Make your resume stand out-be different. Have a website created with your work on it. Have your social media channels up and going so you can already have a marketable audience.

A while back a friend asked me to review their resume. Woa, I thought! The format was extremely outdated, generic and not well written. My feedback was to use one of my favorite tools-CANVA.

If  you are unable to do the resume yourself, hire someone at an affordable price-did you know for $5 you can get one created? Fiverr is an excellent source when needing work done. It allows you to find a freelance worker, who can view their work and rate it. They are a great resource for small project needs, ranging from designing your next business card to  creating a killer resume. Personally I have used them in the past and had a great experience.

3] Social media: Clean it UP!

It needs to be professional. You may be more searchable that you think, so keep everything on your social media family friendly and projecting a great image.

The absolute FIRST thing I do when interested in a candidate? Check their social media first. It amazes me what is on there. Your employer IS checking it. A lot of resume submissions have not made it to an interview with me based on their social media. One candidate I received had multiple pictures with their tongue sticking out while making unprofessional faces. Why would I want that person representing my business? Needless to say, they  did not get an interview call.

4] Be persistent with getting an interview

Successful businesses are extremely busy. This especially goes for small business owners.  I specifically do not always contact a candidate on their first submission. Intentionally I want to know how eager the candidate is to get the position. Each one of  the team members I have now tried multiple times to reach me, they almost pestered me. And it worked. Employers have egos, we have worked hard to have our name on the door and want someone to passionately want to work there. Their persistence reveals  their work ethic from the beginning.

However, if still not getting a response, ask for feedback! Maybe they have already hired someone, maybe your resume did not fit with what they are looking for at the time. Asking for feedback  always impresses me.

Back in my interview days, I had made it to the top two candidates to work for an International Executive. I was sure that I nailed the interview and was to be their next superstar! Receiving the rejection letter was both upsetting and unclear.  Instantly I followed up with the HR lead and found out the reason the other candidate gained the position was that she was French. She spoke fluent French and would be traveling with the Exec to France frequently, so was able to obviously know the country well. The company made the best decision for their choice as the language and culture barrier was above my expertise and outside my control. Having that clarity eased my peace of mind and it made sense [and made me feel better also].

The best part? Little did I know I would be starting my own business about 6 months later, so it was a blessing in disguise. I may have not be where I am today if I got that job!

5] Thank the interviewer in advance about the interview appointment

This may be an assistant, and HR representative or the small business owner themselves. Research their e-mail if possible and send them a note. Let them know you look forward to meeting them at ____ date and _____ time. If their e-mail is unattainable, send it via regular mail. Do not underestimate the old fashioned letter.

6] Be prepared for the interview

RESEARCH the business/company and who you are speaking to. LEARN their brand cultural.  If the interview is with the owner, know a little bit about them. Let them know you read their bio-ask them something that interested you. Look them up on Linked-In. Make sure to have questions for them to, make it interactive.

It is a let down when I ask if they have any questions and they do not have any. REALLY? You don’t have ANY questions about a career you want to build? It  can come across as you are not ambitious or serious about the position.

Ask the interviewee what their expectations of you are. Ask them their communication style, get to know their personality also. Remember, you are here to meet a need of theirs. Be clear on what that need is.

7] Follow back up again after the interview and thank them

Hand write the note if possible.  Follow their brands on social media-twitter,Instagram, pinterest, facebook, etc Make positive comments, support them. SHOW them through action steps you want to be there and are a fan of their brand.

8] Be YOU

After you land the position, you will need to arrive as the same person as you were in the interview. Give them your BEST version from the start. Go in with a positive attitude, outlook and drive to start your new journey. If you have applied all of these tips and still did not land the position, then their was specifically a reason it did not work out and another opportunity that fits you best IS ahead!

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