Get Moving Work out Gear
Want to look and feel even more confident this summer? It’s time to get moving with these budget friendly finds. From pocketed items for carrying your accessories to moisture control fitness wear- these items are sure to get you into health mode in no time.

Get Moving Workout Gear:

1) She is Clothing (price varies): Purposeful, Honorable and Strong- that’s what this clothing line represents and how you feel wearing it! Perfect outfits that you can dress up for everyday wear or take them to the gym. You will be sure to stand out, not only because of your adorable outfit, because you will be gleaming with confidence!

2) Old Navy Women’s Active Compression Tunic $35: This comfortable, wear everywhere fitness jacket is perfect for a morning jog or grocery store outing. The compression feature is great because it inhibits blood circulation. Not to mention grey goes with everything in your closet!

3) Under Armour Mini Headbands $9-15: These perfect pastel mini headbands are the best little gadgets to hold your hair back and control fly-aways while you’re getting your groove on. The tiny grippers help to keep the band on your head and in place without slipping off. You can’t beat the price of these mini’s.

4) FuelBelt Ironman Collection $34: With the temperatures outside rising, hydration is the main focus. The Ironman fuelbelt holds two water bottles and even has a space for your phone and other necessities. It may seem like a lot to carry while on a jog, but it sits right at your hips where you will barely notice it’s there. Staying hydrated is key to feeling healthy during and after a workout.

5) Women’s seamless Capri pants $17: Who doesn’t love fun patterns and colors on your fitness gear? You can look and feel great while working out in these fun Capri pants! With moisture control and the seamless design they are sure to be your go to work out pants for the spring and summer time.

6) Fitbit activity tracker $45-60: Staying on track with workouts if you have a busy schedule: impossible. With help from the Fitbit wireless activity tracker that syncs with your smart phone, you can easily stay on track and get motivated to get moving! You can set your own goals and keep updated throughout the day or challenge your friends with the online activity tracker.

7) H&M Sports Bra $15: Need support to help move along your workout? This multi-strap sports bra is sure to do the trick. Its reversible design is like getting two for the price of one!

8) Ultra Pocket Hat for Runners $20: This “pretty in pink” handy hat is ideal for athletes on the go. You can hide your house key, credit card, etc. in your hat without the worry of it falling out. Its breathable and lightweight design is great for the springtime to give you the ultimate comfort.

9) Old Navy Active Tank $15: Vibrant colors and designs are trending this season. This workout tank comes in statement colors and designs to add some pizzazz to your workout. Light and comfortable, you are sure to get the ultimate workout in. Wear it with some yoga pants, capri pants or even under your Old Navy compression tunic!

10) Asics Gel Cross training Shoes $60: One of the most important pieces of your workout outfit – your shoes! It is essential to make sure you are wearing comfortable and perfect fitting shoes. Asics makes a great pair, and these fun colors are sure to put some pep in your step. Fun fact: the gel exterior makes it easier to keep clean. {Also, 6pm has many great sales, if search for a coupon code you are bound to get and even better deal}

~Get Movin’ peeps~