Admin Day

Hey there busy bee…I am counting down until this Celebratory Day especially for YOU arrives! For all of you admins working til you drop, making things happen with a smile, piece- of -cake attitude and creative minders…roll down your sleeves {yes, down} and take this moment to ….relax {On Wednesday, April 22nd of  course}.

STAPLES & a bunch of other groovy hosts are holding our calls, stopping our meetings & penciling in our day to c*e*l*e*b*r*a*t*e* with you !


Join Myself & the above co-hosts at our Twitter party to chat, give back and Oh YES! the most important part…give away free prizes. Just amazing items like a KEURIG, professional Staples leather bonded chair, chic modern business products from: poppin., paperchase, moleskine, Cynthia Rowley, a Staples ARC notebook system and STAPLES gift card.



Want to know what other admins think? Check out these results from the latest Staples Admin survey:

*Admins vs. Bosses: Admins were rated as better creative problem solvers (57.4 vs. 42.5 percent) and more tech-savvy (43.4 vs. 29 percent) than their bosses. Respondents also said admins have a better sense of humor (58.7 vs. 46.1 percent), are a better team player (61.5 vs. 44.4 percent) and were more likely to be described as a friend (44.3 vs. 29.4 percent) than the boss.

*Loyal: Close to half (45.6 percent) have been with their current company for six or more years.

*Social Media Savvy: The majority (84.3 percent) said admins are proficient in social media.

*Non-Existent Virtual Assistant: Nearly all non-admin respondents report (93.9 percent) they have never used a virtual assistant.

*Historical Figures vs. Movie Star: When admins were asked who they would most enjoy as their boss, historical figures topped the list in the United States, while movie stars ranked as number one in Canada.

*Get ready Admins! This d a y  is for YOU*

the goods… {click on the item to take you there}

*This post is cheerily sponsored by Staples: Make More Happen*
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