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Meeting a trainer one day a week has made a HUGE difference in getting nutritional info. as well as surviving  killer workouts using muscles I wouldn’t have otherwise. Here is a mix of  Exercise & Nutrition tips I’ve learned recently &  passing it right along to ya:

1} Mix It UP: No fancy treadmill is needed. These steps shown above near my casa are all I need. The blue barrel? A truck driving school nearby uses these to block off their driving area. I use them to weave in & out of and S P R I N T  down.

2} Protein Powder: Instead of adding Peanut Butter to shakes,  use 1 scoop of Protein Powder to reduce the fat. In addition, make use of  bruised & over ripened fruit by  tossing it into your shake, add a little yogurt & Almond milk {lower cals}. My favorite inexpensive blender I use {here}

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Over ripened fruit to a Peachy Yummy smoothie!

3} P O P C O R N:  I ADORE, crave & quite frankly have a fixation over POPCORN. Switch out the sodium overloaded prepackaged popcorn with the old school stove popped version:

*Use 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil in a Pot over the stove, the old fashioned way!
*1 Cup of Popcorn Kernels
*1 Teaspoon of Sea Salt, Mix & indulge

4} Swap this for That: Little changes add up. Add Kale to your smoothies to get your greens{switch out with Spinach when need a change from Kale}. For the rest of your Kale bag, oven bake them with olive oil & a dash of salt for a crunchy snack {best if eaten hot out of the oven}. Swap out the mashed potatoes for pureed Garlic Cauliflower. If you do have a potato craving, change it to a sweet potato instead for a healthy option.

5} Different Movements, different parts: Switch up your routine to use different muscles. It is soo darn easy to get stuck in the exercise rut. Try something fun & if intimated, ask for help. My recent overcome? Trying this “Jacob’s Ladder” . Talk about challenging, Wowza!

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