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There are a  few woman I am constantly INSPIRED by,  look up to and amazed at how they do it all.

My curiosity is always peeked on what they are going to do next. Their life is exciting, their creativity ongoing but most of all…their hearts overflowing.  Their passion is seen, not just heard. They make a difference, not just chitter chatter about it.

One of these cool chics is...Alison Storm. Wow.

Her Passion: Water of Life , changing one isolated village at a time by building fresh water wells.

How she has lived out her passion: Alison has flown around the world to India flying xxx miles away, leaving her hubby & little boy Sammy for the sake of others. Four plane rides later, Alison  reaches India to witness and hear the stories of those in need of fresh water and support . She breathed life into the voices of the children there by sharing their story.  She has brought their message back {Listen Here, it’s awesome}, encouraging us to hear them and make a difference.

plane to kakinada

Alison trecked to the isolated villages to meet the people & help with them getting a new Fresh Well for their water supply. Ya never know what you’ll find on the way!


What does Making A Difference Look Like? I love hearing hearing about individuals, their story and what they have overcome. Below left  is Shanti, who learned how to “Face time” and in such a better place now having  fresh water daily. Among others, Alison also met Jyothsna, who has  tremendously been impacted by Water of Life. She now is able to make $300 a month as a trained seamstress. She currently sends the organization $50 of her hard earnings funds back to help other children in need. Jyothsna’s dream? To become a doctor one day.



Immersed in their culture, Alison received her first Henna tattoo, endured mosquito bites galore, laughed &  connected with the other girls.

THE BEST is still coming

Thanks to Water of Life, helping their dreams of freedom and fresh water become a reality.  How rewarding is that?


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What ‘s YOUR Passion?

~Well then , go get it Tiger. YOU can be the one person that actually makes a difference~