7 savvy home essentials

MAD Rush…

…how my AM starts off once I have touched the floor. I need my coffee FAST, my smoothie made in rocket speed, water infused to help down the recommended daily dose of H20, outfits pressed pronto {pressed? forget it…a quick steam for me}, veggies & produce that will stay fresh longer, my ability to chat while applying morning make-up & be able to blast my Spotify tracks to dance {I mean get ready… ok maybe both}.


Enjoy these 7 Savvy Home Essentials that help me do..well, just that.

The 7 Essentials

1} Drink up: World Market Glass Infuser Dispenser {$24}. Add Strawberries & Mint, cucumbers, lemon or whatever your thirst desires.

2} Get Dressed: Extreme Steam by Conair {$28} Gets the job done fast with high steam, dressed to impress in minutes.

3} Turn it up : SONOS speaker Playlist1  {$200 }. Worth every penny, incredible bass & surround sound. Create a “pair”  if desire L & R speakers-

4} Hands Free: LG Bluetooth Headset {$80 normally}. Talk freely while chatting, good sound quality & comfortable.

5} Fresh Produce: Collapsible Produce Keeper {$16}.Keeps veggies fresh & crisp so much longer! super love. Collapsible? done.

6} Blend it: Farberware Single Serve Blender {$28}. Smoothie heaven. Add whatever you fancy & blends fast!

7} Caffeine now: Kitchen Essentials Single Cup {$10-$16}. Use E V E R Y am.  Made it twice on my savvy lists, I enjoy it that much.

~start your day off awesome~

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