~VISION  up your next  photo session with your beloved~

My good friend Julie {aka Jules}recently celebrated  8 years with her hubby. She wanted a visionary that represented the “real us” as she stated. It was to take place over 3 scenes, each meaningful places for the couple.  Jules shares below a creative way to express your  love through a Photo Story

{Photo Story, Scene One}:

Jules & her hubby Dave are on a coffee date. They originally met at this cafe 8 years ago on a blind date. Five years later, she informed Dave they were expecting their first child. The photographer {The skilled Josh Norris} captured the couple as they shared a memorable latte going down memory lane:

…where it all first began…


{Photo Story, Scene Two}:

Jules & Dave have a love of  T r a v e l. It has been awesome hearing about their global trots over the years to places such as Africa, Yap {I admit I had to look that one up}, Palau, Alaska & along the Mediterranean to name a few. Josh captured their united passion at a local airport. How stylish are these two lovebirds?

Oh the places we have been & the places we will go together!

{Photo Story, Scene Three}:

Julie wanted one of the locations to represent the intimate side of them so chose a contrasting scene. The last scene was  taken by Josh in their backwoods. They both dressed formally yet stayed barefoot for the natural setting.



What makes the scenes come together seamlessly & effortlessly? Hire an uber talented photographer like this guy.

behind the scenes gathering the perfect backwoods moment


~Meet:  Josh Norris~ {For top notch pics & from what I hear  personality style to match, check out Josh’s incredible visionaries here}

Josh Jules Dave

~A Special Thank you to my friend Julie for sharing her P h o t o   S t o r y  with our readers & Josh Norris of Josh Norris Photography~