This is the third installment in the Dream Making posts {see previous posts  Dream Building & How to Work for a Dream Builder } . A positive dream builder/leader should be doing their part as well. After all, everyone is in it together, how fabulous!  A few qualities to look for in your dream builder:

What makes a positive Dream Builder?

1} Their Character:

You will know instantly the Character of a Positive Dream Builder. They will display it in their attitude, their communication and decision making skills on a daily basis. How they handle stress, daily struggles & problem solving are apart of their character. We all have bad days, so do not expect near perfection or you will be wildly disappointed. Have reality in your expectations.

However, you should typically get the same personality type walking in the door everyday. Everyone has a unique personality, one not better than the other. Study them & understand how they tick. Just b/c they respond with a few words or are direct, doesn’t mean they don’t care or uninterested. They may just be….b.u.s.y.

For example:You will often find me respond with a quick word to a text or e-mail. Some people may find that “short”, but otherwise I would not be able to get to everyone. I also have ADD, so if you talk to me too long I may unintentionally wonder off & start thinking about what I need to do next. Therefore, my team knows how to communicate to me with a quick statement on what needs to be addressed & I will respond in a few words. Also, my team knows when coming to me with an issue,  I  like to be presented with a solution as well, as it shows thought & initiative. Find out how your leader communicates best for successful results.


2} Their Actions

Does your leader/employer DO what they say? If they are leading you, they are responsible for their own actions as well. No one overlooks unfulfilled promises. I am a huge “show me, don’t tell me” personality type.Your Dream builder should totally rock that walk . Give them time though. A well thought out idea or action plan takes time to development & shape. They are working behind the scenes, putting everything in place. Whatever was promised, should come to fruition  in a reasonable amount of time.

{We should love people not only with words & talk, but by our actions & true caring. 1 John 3:18 NCV}

3} How YOU feel
You should feel valued & respected everyday. If not, there is a reason. Sometimes a dream builder can be unhappy & disappointed with the performance of a team member and feels they are only being given their bare minimum, which in turns creates an unhealthy cycle of not allowing them to give you their best. In other words, it’s hard to care for someone who doesn’t care for you. So in fact, they don’t. That’s a hard one to take in. It’s a two way street, like in any relationship. Change your attitude first. Be your all time best & see if it changes. Give it time & if it still hasn’t changed, talk to your Leader/Employer. Ask them for a review & if there is anything they can work on. They will  most likely be shocked you cared enough to voluntarily ask for input & improvement advice.
4} How YOU are treated
Your dream builder may be a fast past mover, I know I am for sure. Sometimes things can be hurried, but there should always be a genuine understanding of care & mutual respect present. It’s actually a compliment if they leave you alone a bit. That normally means they think you are doing awesome! If your Dream builder does something extra special for you every once in a while, they care. It can be a Starbucks latte, paying for lunch or even a simple “would you like a piece of my candy”? Don’t overlook the small stuff, those are the best and riches gifts in return.

Note: A common misconception is just b/c they are faith based, you can run over them a little easier and they will expect less. Actually, it’s generally just the opposite. It means, get ready to work your tail off. They usually are under the mindset of being God’s servant and hard works is expected. I met with a highly regarded and awesome Chick-Fil-A owner recently who said “when someone calls the store, they are calling God’s work”. I thought, that rocks and well said. Your dream builder will have the utmost HIGHEST expectations of you & will not settle for good. They want GREAT. They are willing to wait until they find it & get rid of it when don’t have it.

5} Their Investment in YOU
Investments may take time,but overall you should experience your Dream builder investing in you. If they are sending you to conferences, paying for an extra class or license, giving you incentives, etc. then you have their attention and they ARE investing in you. That’s the biggest compliments you can get as they truly want you to succeed & it brings them joy when you do.


~Now you know a few tidbits on what to expect from your Dream Builder & how they tick.  So now have a fabulous time helping dream build today!~

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