This post took a while for all the right pieces &  even the right pics to come into place. It all “clicked” after my recent amazing weekend retreat at Billy Graham’s “The Cove” {future post on that awesome experience to come}.

Hiking up the trail, I captured  the road sloping upwards{it’s steeper than it looks} &  twisting around the bend a bit..not truly knowing where it ended up at.

I thought “That’s exactly How a Dream builder thinks”. A Dream builder is willing to take those challenging roads,understanding it will be windy along the way while  never  knowing the results until they reach the top. But by golly They WILL climb it to find out! They also want a team behind them that they can count on to go on the journey with them. Whomever works for a Dream builder, I like to refer to as a Dream maker.

A Dream builder is only as good as her/his team.

Well that’s just fabulous, so how do you work for a Dream Builder?

In my experience,there are different types of Dream Builders. I’m going to speak about the positive kind as the other kind I have no interest in. These are of course my opinions & based out of my own little mind, yours will vary as you see fit. I am a faith based driven Dream builder, so my faith guides me in  all my decisions and opinions. SO…

A Positive Dream builder likes to have their Team of DREAM  M a k e r s. Those dream makers can also be spotted fairly quickly. An awesome dream maker  will also display intrinsic & extrinsic job characteristics immediately such as:

1] Initiative & Motivation

A Dream builder’s brain is always well….dreaming! Their thoughts are in overdrive, constantly thinking about the next thing & how to accomplish that. That is why they are usually successful in some aspect. They expect their team to be moving & getting things done as well. Nothing irks them more than stagnant team members.

I overheard a lady stating she & her co workers just sat in  a room for hours waiting for something to do at work.That put my mind in a tailspin. I could not fathom that. There is ALWAYS something to do. That is a strong indicator your doing the most minimal work  and believe me, your Dream builder is taking note. Why? Your exhausting them from constantly making sure your keeping busy. SO REACH High! Start a new project, be INNOVATIVE, use your  c.r.e.a.t.i.v.i.t.y.

2] Language & communication to others around them {friends, family, co workers, clients, etc}.

Your employer notices and observes your  actions & communications with everyone. This includes how they speak to their co-workers, clients, friends & significant other. It should be with dignity,care and respect.

Their communication to their Employer

If your Employer does not feel respected, then your time is probably limited. A true dream builder wants people on their team that understands they have the company & their best interest in mind and deserves the utmost respect. They have made sacrifices & upward steps for a reason and put strategies in place for the good of everyone. Clear communication should be there and if your leader isn’t communicating with you clearly, they may not know they are not. Ask them to!

3] Visual help

Do you ever notice the slightest  out of place in your house or if something isn’t picked up or cleaned? No matter how busy a dream builder can be, they notice the SMALL things A  LOT! Be a good steward, change the toilet paper roll if it’s empty, pick up the trash in the bathroom, clean the counter or computer desk if it’s dirty. Whatever.  It IS noticed when it’s done and it IS noticed when it’s not.

Having the “that’s  not my job, I don’t get paid for that” attitude will always wear itself on your sleeve. In the end it can prevent you from rising higher than you could and keep you from being the Christian steward in the workplace. Take pride in what you do & where you work.

The shuttle bus driver on my recent Cove trip said to a lady as we were leaving “Be responsible for what the Lord has provided you“. I”m so happy I over heard that, it reminded me to be joyous even with the small things. For those are the BIG things.


MY all time favorite most important character quality.  Your Dream Builder is out there being B.U.S.Y. and well…..dream building! They hired you for a reason, so keep your integrity at it’s highest. They expect you to make the right ethical decisions on the company’s behalf at all times and treat everyone with the utmost respect. A lady at my retreat said in her testimony  “You may not be a perfect person, but be a principled one“.

5] Character work

Great character takes work. We all let each other down & need to be constantly refreshed and reminded on what good character looks like. Great results don’t come naturally, they take W O R K . Keep your character in check…not just weekly, but daily and hourly. It really takes that much work. What does it look like? Everyone will have their own, here is mine:

Daily: Read daily inspirational newsletter {I read this one}, listen to a podcast or faith based music while driving or getting ready. If I’m having difficulty with a client or person, I’ll try to read a quick verse on my bible app or go over a newsletter {I put them everyday in my “Faith” labeled e-mail Folder}, say a “Lord help me prayer” or call my counselor on speed dial, aka my sister.

Weekly/Monthly/Yearly:Includes a strong group of faith based peeps {small group, attending church service, etc.}; yearly  a retreat or mission  is awesome {just took mine at The Cove this weekend}; monthly or quarterly charity work to REMIND yourself how blessed you are and that it’s not just about you. Did you read that? It’s not all about YOU. That’s a tough one to hear. It’s exhausting, overpowering at times & sometimes you just don’t plain want to go or do it. I get that. I fail a lot at it too. But try it and see how much more awesome you are afterwards. Also don’t overload yourself, it’s ok if you need breaks during busy seasons.

6] Focus on yourself

Focus on yourself and your work will show for itself. Don’t worry or compare what your leader/dream builder is doing all through the day and keeping tabs on them. If they come in at 12pm or leave at 4pm, it is easy to think “well, must be nice to leave early!” You are making assumptions that most likely you cannot back up. What if your leader came in late because they were dealing with clients/new project or leaving early to catch a networking event? A true dream builder is working behind the scenes  a LOT more than you think.

Summing it UP: Working for a Positive Faith Based Dream Builder is not about getting the Excel spreadsheet perfect every time or never making mistakes. That’s inevitable, it’s going to happen{and they will too, I do everyday!}. Its a combination of Great skill & talent, but most of all…your initiative and character.

That’s the true inner workings of an AWESOME Dream Maker.

So get ready to climb that road with your DREAM builder….and see how high it can take ya!

[Also look forward to : What makes a Positive Dream Builder]

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