Dream Building

build your dreams in business

 B  E  S  T . T  H  I  N  G.  E V E R .

…I built my  ~ d r e a m ~

Shortly after college I envisioned & created a goal to one DAY own a storefront and write a book.  I did not, however, know what, when, where or how. The difference between a daydreamer & dream builder? Two words… ACTION.

Dream building can take a day, weeks, months or even years. But the result is always the same. It is done. Dream building may fail, it may triumph, but you did it!

ebook-cover1My original storefront was envisioned to be a shoe store & my book to be fiction [the one I published turned out to be more awesome, a resource for other PA’s].

I worked hard [my sister calls me tenacious] for years trying to make that happen, but there was always something blocking from allowing my storefront to occur. I did not give up, instead I changed directions [better yet, followed the directions the good Lord paved]. Again and Again. Multiple attempts on what the store would be, how capital would be raised, etc., was a constant challenge.

I never imagined my envisioned shoe store I would have would actually be a SPA.  The fiction book I painstakingly wrote and thought was fabulous, was turned down by every publisher imaginable. That was a blessing in disguise.

Little did I know around the corner I would be creating an Internationally known Blog for Professionals that would open doors for speaking engagements, a Style Ambassador title, paid trips and National brand endorsements. I would also soon be able to have a way to produce my own darn book at my fingertips via a little known source called e-books. Oh how I smile when I look back at it all. Years later my second book was picked up by a Publisher.

My dream building did not take a day, a month or years. It took over a decade to come to fruition for both my e-book and my spa. But it did come.

It also did not come alone.  it truly takes a village. I give constant thanks to unbelievable husband, parents, sister, friends & all star team who have allowed me to achieve these goals. Their sweat [literally] and listening ears are never taken for granted and are heard even now on a daily basis.

Good things are truly worth the wait. And it really is All in HIS timing, not yours.

gods timing

Opening my dream to the public years ago after 2 1/2 years of looking for the perfect space to expand my business, price, location, experience that I needed, it finally happened. And when the timing was right, it came together seamlessly. It was just,well…meant to be.

My hats I wear change hourly keeping my dream alive and I humbly answer when my name is called as  the owner, cleaning lady, Esthetician, marketing manager, HR department, client relations, complaint department, blogger, receptionist, promotions expert, stock clerk, purchase manager or social media department.

No toilet uncleaned, trash picked up or any form of sweat equity is above me or my team. It is important to me to live & display my life with a servant leader mentality as well as my team [Dave Ramsey: Entreleadership is such an amazing read that also writes about this].

Getting to live your Dream everyday is priceless and a blessing. Building your Dream is the highest honor to give yourself. I am inspired by others who have built their Dreams and I hope my story has inspired yours. Well, I consider this a “Chapter” of my story. This gal’s got a lot to write about &  B U I L D still.

What about you?

Share Your Dreams!

Connect via my instagram & watch me daily continue to build other dreams. Step by step.

~Get ready for the next post: How to Work for A Dream Builder~

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