OK Vampire Diary show Mavens, The season premiere is FINALLY here!

During my reign as a Remington National Style Ambassador, one of my most memorable  days was on the SET of Vampire Diaries with  make-up department head Essie Cha . For those fans e-mails asking about the make-up discussed in the video to look like Nina Dobrev {aka Katherine & Elena}… I of course will re-share the post originally created on Remington’s page! Check out Remington’s other amazing hair & style tips on their oh so awesome page www.Remingtonready.com

Vampire Diaries make-up

Image credit:Remingtonready.com

The Goods:

Essie’s top choice: Napoleon Perdis Primer {p.s.} Purchased after meeting Essie & it’s Ah-mazing!

Essie’s choice for Paul Wesley? Gerda Spillman’s Swiss cosmetics (Color: Cacao)

Skin care for Ian SomerHalder? L’uvalla Natural .Organic. Fresh

Another TOP fav from Essie: Koh Gen Do foundation. Especially used for on-set make-up

Shadow of Essie’s choice:

Napoleon Perdis (Egypt color)

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow: Champagne Color. For Katherine Pierce look – use in the crease of eyes

Want Elena Gilbert eyes? Use your brush in a DOWNward stroke

Want Katherine Pierce eyes? Use your brush in an UPward stroke

Thanks Essie! Now we can all look like smashing Vampires!

Lindsey Holder & Essie Cha

Credit Image: Lindsey Holder & Remingtonready.com