sharpen your ax


Are Y O U sharpening your ax?


It’s super easy to stay in the Ho Hum of daily tasks & keepi’n on, keep’n on.  However, it’s also important to TAKE  the time out to sharpen, develop and strengthen your skills. Listening to a recent Inspirational podcast relating to ‘Sharpening your Ax’, it was a simple reminder for me to do just that.

I’m always ready to be a better me, how about you?


It can be 10 minutes watching a podcast or informative YouTube video, 1/2 hr scrolling through  inspiring messages, an hour taking a new class or a weekend workshop. Whatever works for you. Remember, it’s the small things that add up!

What are some of My current daily sharpening skills ? 

*Reading my inspirational subscribed newsletters first thing when I wake up

{Rick Warren & Joel Olsteen}

*During  gym workouts, I  usually listen to a video message {of course I mix it up with tunes when I feel burned out}.

*While cooking, I watch/listen to a podcast that interests me on my laptop or ipad

*Networking via reading my daily tweets & Linkedin happenings. I stumbled across this awesome Networking tip post yesterday on Linkedin re being ‘specific‘ when networking. Super easy but effective tip.

Other sharpening ways:

*Take a class  AND/OR workshop. Recently I took a 2 day Quickbooks workshop  & also a free MAC class at the apple store. Next month, I’m taking a business course tailored to help me become more S A V V Y.



*Attend a conference that interests you.  Not too long ago, I attended an awesome SITS Bloggy Bootcamp {2nd one I’ve attended} that allowed me to sharpen my Social Media skills & connect with other Bloggers. L O V E  these guys! {Following @TiffanyRom is a must!}


My S P A R K L Y ax was instantly ‘sharpened’, allowing me to acquire new skills to work more efficiently.


  So whatever Sharpens your Fancy, get out there & do it! 



How do you ‘Sharpen YOUR Ax’ & keep on track in areas of your life? Excited to hear your game plan today!

birdLooking forward to your tweets at: @savvyassistants


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